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A near-future war novel, where teenagers who escaped an attack on their special school become the last hope of freeing the British people.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Underdogs is now an audiobook!!

Good news everyone!

Ever since Underdogs was confirmed for publication, people have asked me whether an audiobook version would come out too. (After all, a book like Underdogs in particular needs to be accessible.) Originally I wasn't optimistic: after all, audiobooks cost a surprising amount to produce, and a producer would only pay for it if they believed they'd make even more money back. So audiobooks are generally reserved for the really successful books.

...Less than two months after Underdogs got published, I got an email from a representative at W. F. Howes (Britain's biggest audiobook producer), and now it's been released!! The narrator is Mike Paul, who makes no secret about how much he has loved being involved.

So for those who like their books in audio form, here are a few links on where to get it!

Audible.com (also on .co.uk and others) - https://www.audible.com/pd/Underdogs-Audiobook/1528884183
Audiobooks.com - https://www.audiobooks.co.uk/audiobook/underdogs/394143
Kobo – (still awaiting upload, but should be up soon)
Storytel (Scandinavian markets) - https://www.storytel.com/se/sv/sok-Underdogs
Apple - https://books.apple.com/us/audiobook/underdogs/id1485073123
Google - https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details/Chris_Bonnello_Underdogs?id=AQAAAECszlKO7M&hl=en_US


And how's Underdogs: Tooth and Nail (Underdogs 2) going? Well we're partway through the structural edits - my favourite and least favourite part of the editing process. Least favourite because it's so arduous, but favourite because of how much it improves the story. Here is the pre-order link for those who have been meaning to use it! https://unbound.com/books/underdogs-tooth-and-nail/

United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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