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A near-future war novel, where teenagers who escaped an attack on their special school become the last hope of freeing the British people.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Underdogs 2 needs your help!

Hi everyone,

First things first, I hope all of you have enjoyed (or will enjoy) the finished version of Underdogs! Those who follow Underdogs' Facebook page will have seen my reaction to seeing the actual books in all their printed real-life glory, and watching the reviews come in on Amazon and Goodreads has been humbling. Thanks once again for supporting Underdogs - I'd like to hope it's made some kind of difference to meaningful and accurate representation of neurodiversity.

A quick update on Underdogs 2

The good news is, Underdogs 2 (currently titled Underdogs: Tooth and Nail) has been met with a very warm response! The general reaction from those who finished the original novel has been to ask when the second one's coming out, so the demand is certainly there and I'm very happy to meet it.

The less good news is that promoting a sequel is bloody difficult. Whereas the potential readership for Underdogs was anyone worldwide who may be interested in it, the potential readership for the sequel is restricted to those who have read the first. Just over a third of the way through the three-month campaign, Underdogs 2 stands at 33% funded. That might seem perfectly on target, but bear in mind that more than half of those pre-orders came in the opening three days.

Is Underdogs 2 in danger? No, I wouldn't say so just yet. We have two months to go, a recent poll suggests that over 60% of the Facebook community haven't yet finished the first novel, and with that community numbering 900+ we certainly have the numbers to get there in the end.

With that said, the time for assumed success is over. To those here who have read Underdogs, loved it (or even vaguely liked it!) and want to see what the Oakenfold teens get up to in their next adventure...

...Here is the pre-order link for Underdogs 2!


Thanks once again to all of you for making Underdogs such a success. These are very exciting times, and I hope those of you who have read the first novel have loved it.

Chris Bonnello

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