By Chris Bonnello

A near-future war novel, where teenagers who escaped an attack on their special school become the last hope of freeing the British people.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Guerrillas is dead. Long live Underdogs!

Hi everyone,

Two big bits of news to report in this update:

1) Guerrillas has now been renamed, and will be published as Underdogs! The decision was a joint one between Unbound and myself, and it's certainly a positive one in my opinion. (Which is no light thing to say, given that I'd been calling it Guerrillas for nine years! There are more details in the Facebook community post here. In short, we felt that Underdogs was a much more accurate reflection of the story as a whole: the characters themselves, the war they're fighting, their social status in the old world, and so on. And besides, who doesn't love a good underdog story?

Aside from the title itself, nothing of any substance has changed about the novel. There have been a few minor changes in the editing process though, and on that note...

2) Secondly, the edits are finished!! It's now just a matter of waiting for the cover art, and waiting for the final PDF version before printing begins. We are well on schedule, and entering the final phase. So if you know anyone who might want their name in the supporters' list printed in the first edition of Underdogs, now would be a great time to encourage them! Time is now growing short... and it's all very, very exciting.

As always, thanks so much to all of you for your support. I'm looking forward to the book coming out so much that I can barely contain myself.

Take care,

Chris Bonnello

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