By Chris Bonnello

A near-future war novel, where teenagers who escaped an attack on their special school become the last hope of freeing the British people.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Final pre-order deadline: midnight on Monday 3rd February!

Hi everyone- for those who have received this update at work on Monday (and are interested in pre-ordering Underdogs: Tooth and Nail), you may want to flag the email or mark it as "unread" until you get home, because the pre-order deadline is midnight tonight!

Here's the link for those who don't need to read any further- I'll make this a short update, and just highlight two reasons why pre-ordering today is probably your best option if you (or a loved one) are interested in continuing the series:

  1. Pre-ordering via Unbound gets your name in the front or back of the book as a supporter, just like it did for the original Underdogs.
  2. Yes, theoretically you can wait a while and pre-order via Amazon, but if unless you're British I seriously advise against it. Last year Amazon made a huge error and cancelled all their American pre-orders. (Unbound, meanwhile, kept their word and delivered every last copy.)

I'd like to finish by thanking all 582 of you who took a neurodiverse war novel and brought it to life, allowing heroes from a special school into the literary scene. The novel's journey has been spectacular. And to the 403 people so far who have pre-ordered the sequel, thanks so much for turning this novel into a series!

Here's the link again. To all those who use it before midnight tonight, thank you once again and I hope you love the finished product.

United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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