Underdogs: Uprising

By Chris Bonnello

The popular and groundbreaking Underdogs series reaches its grand finale in an apocalyptic showdown.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Three quick updates

Hi everyone,

I have three quick messages (and as always, I’m keeping them short because I don’t like lengthy newsletters any more than you do!)

  1. At time of writing, Underdogs: Uprising has hit 71%! So as always, thank you all so much.
  2. If you’re one of the backers who has splashed out on the whole series, please send me a message if you want to start reading the series straight away. Since all four physical books will be sent out together, you’re likely to be waiting a while - so I’ll happily send you ebooks of the first three novels if you want to get started immediately. Underdogs' Facebook page is here, and my author page is here.
  3. Finally, once the campaign hits 80% I’ll be writing another Underdogs short story (full index here) exclusively for Uprising backers. Right now I’m holding a vote on which character it’s going to be about, so feel free to make your opinions known!

Thanks again, everyone. We’re getting closer and closer to giving the series the ending it needs and deserves.


United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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