Underdogs: Uprising

By Chris Bonnello

The popular and groundbreaking Underdogs series reaches its grand finale in an apocalyptic showdown.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

A few important things as Underdogs: Uprising creeps towards 100%...

Hi everyone,

At time of writing, the final Underdogs book has reached 91%. So close to completing the series now. So close.

So why am I messaging you all? Well, two important-ish notices as we prepare for hitting the goal.

1) Exactly 50 of you have pre-ordered the “full set” option, and a bunch of you may not have read book 1 yet. The delivery of the physical copies will take a looooong time, so if you are one of these people, please message me so I can send you the first three ebooks and you can get reading the series straight away. I can be reached on Facebook via the links below, or via chris [at] autisticnotweird [dot] com.

2) We’re 10/11ths of the way (approximately) to the final book getting greenlighted, so the obvious question is: how do we fill that final 1/11th? Well, I have three ideas.

  • Tell your friends. Really, really obvious, but it works really, really well. (Almost everyone who’s read the books either heard about it from one of my pages, or heard about it from a friend.)
  • Upgrading pledges is an often-overlooked option. Pre-ordered a copy? Upgrade to a signed copy. Got a pin-badge? Upgrade to a shirt, or go for the full bundle. (To do this, go to your Unbound account and click “Supported projects”, go to Uprising and click “Manage project”.)
  • Book Angels: finally, the main reason for the recent surge in Uprising support is down to one particular follower who funded three other people – literally setting aside some money to pre-order on behalf of others who had autistic/neurodivergent kids but would struggle to afford the series. Apparently the term for this is being a “Book Angel”, and it delights me as a book lover that this is a thing! So if anyone else wants to become a Book Angel, please message me.

(Oh, and totally unrelated but if anyone's bored and wants more Underdogs material, I wrote a bunch of short stories that can be found here. As Uprising supporters, you already have access to Kate's story, Shannon's story, and the Christmas special. Those who ordered Tooth and Nail or Acceleration via Unbound will have access to others too.)


United by our differences, everyone. We are very, very close to ending the series now.

Chris Bonnello

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