Underdogs: Tooth and Nail

By Chris Bonnello

The teenagers from Oakenfold Special School return to the front line as dystopian war heroes.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

We did it!!

Hi everyone,

As the title implies, there’s been some rather good news this weekend.

The Underdogs are guaranteed to return now!

Massive, massive thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered Underdogs: Tooth and Nail (also known as Underdogs 2) so far – now the countdown can begin to publication.


So what happens now?

Assuming the sequel goes through the process identically to the original, there’ll be a period of structural edits (whole-story level), copy edits (sentence level), and proofreading, while Unbound also work on cover art, marketing and so on. No dates are in place yet so I won’t offer any false promises. For reference though, the original novel hit 100% on October 18th last year and its release happened in May. (Trust me when I say that a seven-month publication period is very fast in the publishing industry! Unbound are very aware of the anticipation levels among their books’ backers, so they work quickly.)


What do I need to do?

Just wait and watch the novel’s progress! (And read Ewan and Jack’s short stories if you haven’t already.) A few things are advisable though:

1) Check which name you want printed in the book. If your name’s Bob Smith but you want your son Jim to be printed in the book, you can log in to Unbound, go to “my backed projects” and change the name in the book to Jim Smith instead.
2) Make sure you’ve read the original! At time of writing, this project has had NINETY backers who were not backers of the original (having learned about the series after the first instalment was published). Whereas it’s amazing that the readership for Underdogs is expanding as the series goes, I’m taking it on faith that all ninety of you have read the original and not mistakenly ordered the sequel thinking it’s the original. If you haven’t already read Underdogs 1, then that’s no problem, digital and physical versions of it are available at amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Unbound itself, and so on.


That’s it from me, other than to mention one other bit of exciting news – the (provisional) release date for the Underdogs audiobook is 6th November. Details to follow. Thanks once again to everyone who has helped to turn a neurodiverse war novel into a neurodiverse war series, and I hope you love book two once it comes out!


United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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