Underdogs: Tooth and Nail

By Chris Bonnello

The teenagers from Oakenfold Special School return to the front line as dystopian war heroes.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Underdogs 3 just hit 90%! (Plus discount code)

So close now. So close.

With enormous thanks to the 243 people who have supported Underdogs: Acceleration so far (I'm serious- with a budget twice as high as the first book, I never thought we'd be in this position less than two months in!), the next instalment of the series is just 10% away from starting the publication process.

I'll keep it short, and give you these three main points:

1) This is where to go if you want to help Underdogs: Acceleration surge past the finish line, or at least take a look at the fancypants merch options (I for one will definitely be drinking out of my Underdogs mug and spilling my drink on my Underdogs shirt, while my Underdogs pin-badge watches in disapproval). As always with Unbound books, everyone who pre-orders it gets- at the bare minimum- their name or a loved one's name printed in the book as a thank you.

2) If you fancy knocking 10% off the price, use the discount code "ALMOSTJAN10".

3) Unbound and I have set ourselves the target of hitting 100% by the end of January, so we can get the ball rolling as fast as possible. If this happens, then there's a fighting chance we may be able to get the book out before Christmas, which would be awesome.


Oh, and for those who have enjoyed the Tales of the Underdogs series so far... the moment Underdogs: Acceleration hits 100%, I'm uploading Oliver Roth's origin story.


United by our differences, everyone. We can do this.

Chris Bonnello

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