Underdogs: Tooth and Nail

By Chris Bonnello

The teenagers from Oakenfold Special School return to the front line as dystopian war heroes.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

One week until the final Underdogs book becomes available to pre-order!

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen by the title… the end is coming.

Underdogs: Uprising – the fourth and final book in the series – is soon to be open for pre-order, and the launch date I’ve been given is November 22nd (next Monday).


I won’t clog up your emails with much information beyond that, not least because I want to avoid giving spoilers for Underdogs: Acceleration (with the ebook very, very close to release, and the physical copies soon to follow, delayed due to industry-wide issues). But needless to say, I have worked very, very hard to make sure the series gets the finale it deserves.

Details to follow, both about the book itself and the pre-order rewards. In the meantime, have this picture I made. Don’t the covers look incredible side by side? Thanks again, Unbound!

(And as always, here's the link to Underdogs' Facebook page. And, while I'm at it, I recently launched my own specific author page too, containing writing insights and a few funny pictures.)

United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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