Underdogs: Tooth and Nail

By Chris Bonnello

The teenagers from Oakenfold Special School return to the front line as dystopian war heroes.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Exclusive bonus content, as a thank you for your support.

Hi everyone- some of you may already have read this news from the update on the original Underdogs' crowdfunding page (or on its Facebook page too!), but here's some good news for those who haven't.

At time of writing, Underdogs: Tooth and Nail is almost exactly 80% funded. Can it reach 100% by Saturday's initial deadline? Honestly, I'd say it's 50:50. But Unbound have been very accommodating, and aren't silly enough to abort mission on a sequel that's nearly fully funded (despite the number of people who haven't even had time to read the original)! So, there's an extension available.

So what's so special about Saturday now? Well, about that exclusive bonus content I mentioned...

"Tales of the Underdogs" is a series of short stories within the Underdogs universe I've been planning, where each character has their own story detailing a life-changing experience. I suspect most of these stories will stay private (at least until the series ends)... but as a thank you to everyone who brings Underdogs 2 to life, I'll be giving you access to TWO of these short stories! On Saturday I'll release Ewan's story - which covers his first day at Oakenfold Special School - and not long after I'll release the second one.

And who will the second story feature? You get to decide that- vote here for which characters you'd be interested in hearing from!

So as we begin the final approach to 100%, if you know anyone who may like the Underdogs series, please share this page with them. You can order both books together from this page! (Here's the correct link in case you're reading this by email.) On top of that, there's a 10% discount between now and Saturday to mark the end of the original 90-day crowdfunding period- this applies to pledge upgrades too, if you're interested! Just enter "UNDERDOGS10" at the checkout.

Thanks again to all of you, for all your support so far. I can't wait to show you more of the Underdogs universe!

United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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