Underdogs: Acceleration

By Chris Bonnello

The third book in the groundbreaking Underdogs series takes a darker and more desperate turn...

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

The final Underdogs book is now above 40% (but needs help)...

Hi everyone,

Well, feedback is coming in from those who have already read the Underdogs: Acceleration ebook (check your Unbound account if you’ve not seen it yet). I can’t say anything without running the risk of spoilers, but I’ll just say I’m delighted (and relieved) at how positive it is. Thanks to all who have contacted me about it, typically through Underdogs’ Facebook page.

For everyone else… you’ve probably had emails from Unbound asking to confirm your address, which means the paper copies are close to being sent out! I hope you love them when you receive them.


To those who have been meaning to pre-order Underdogs: Uprising, now might be a good time. It’s currently sitting on 42% - pretty impressive given that December is usually a bad month for crowdfunding long-term projects - and now it’s time to give it a much-needed push towards the halfway mark.



1) The six-month deadline, although 4.5 months off, won’t hang back forever.

2) Kate’s short story has now been written, and once the book hits 50% it’ll be available as a thank you gift for everyone who’s pre-ordered.

3) It’s another nice chance to order some sweet merch options.

4) Underdogs: Uprising is the last book of the series, where the war comes to an end and all story/character arcs are resolved. It deserves to succeed.


Here’s the link. And thanks again for your support throughout the Underdogs series.


United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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