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Still haven't received your copy of Acceleration? Read this! (Oh, and Uprising needs your help.)

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Hi everyone,

In the time I've been encouraging Underdogs followers to pre-order Underdogs: Uprising (currently at 63%, but needing some urgent care and attention), I've had a fair few people tell me they haven't received their copy of Acceleration yet.

If this is you, here's some insight!

  1. Most of the time, this is because Unbound haven't had your address confirmed. If you dig through your…

Want to support a book on World Book Day? Underdogs: Uprising needs your help!

Friday, 4 March 2022

Hi everyone,

The good news- the final book in the Underdogs series is 60% of the way to its (surprisingly big) target, and is the majority of the way to the publication process beginning!

The bad news- the progress may be happening, but it’s slow.


So with this week containing World Book Day, a day that’s known largely for schoolchildren dressing up as their favourite character (huge…

The final Underdogs book is now above 40% (but needs help)...

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Hi everyone,

Well, feedback is coming in from those who have already read the Underdogs: Acceleration ebook (check your Unbound account if you’ve not seen it yet). I can’t say anything without running the risk of spoilers, but I’ll just say I’m delighted (and relieved) at how positive it is. Thanks to all who have contacted me about it, typically through Underdogs’ Facebook page.

For everyone…

The final Underdogs book is now available!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Hi everyone,


Its crowdfunding journey started on Monday and at time of writing it’s hit 13% of its target. (In case that doesn’t impress you, bear in mind that the new target is more than TRIPLE the target for book one, and the same amount of money would have been…

One week until the final Underdogs book becomes available to pre-order!

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen by the title… the end is coming.

Underdogs: Uprising – the fourth and final book in the series – is soon to be open for pre-order, and the launch date I’ve been given is November 22nd (next Monday).


I won’t clog up your emails with much information beyond that, not least because I want to avoid giving spoilers for Underdogs: Acceleration (with the ebook…

Stretch goals (and related bonus content to come)!

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

So Underdogs: Acceleration is moving ahead, and the structural edit phase is about to begin. By mid-April that'll be done and it'll be time for copyediting. But the most relevant point for all of you being this:

Those who pre-order the book will receive it about six months before the rest of the world. (So thanks a lot to all of you who brought it to life- this in itself is a pretty amazing reward…

Publication date: 03 February 2022
129% funded
348 backers