Under the Knife

By Liz O'Riordan

The Rise and Fall of a Female Surgeon

Friday, 23 June 2023

The books are on their way!

Yestersday I was at the glamorous FedEx distribution centre in Basildon to sign books for those of you who pledged for a signed copy. There's a special suprise for one of you - your book will say 'You're my favourite' :)

It was really emotional to read the names of every one of you who believed in me and my story and I cannot thank you enough.

The books are making their way back to the Unbound office and will be sent out next week. To make sure that you get yours, you MUST log in to your account and confirm your address (just in case you've moved house in the meantime).

Please feel free to share photos of the book and tag me too :) 

I'm discovering how book sales work and it's all about reviews, and I'll be asking you the week before the launch if you'd be kind enough to leave one for me. I'll send you links to Goodreads (before 6th July) and Amazon (after 6th July). I never used to leave a review - life was too short to go and click and type, but now I always do - and I'll tell you why next time.

There's one final favour I have to ask - and this is REALLY important. Please DON'T share the content of the book - the bits you liked, the bits you didn't, your favourite story or quote UNTIL July 3rd. The book is being featured in a national newspaper (I can't quite believe it) and it's all under embargo until then.

From 3rd July onwards you can say what you like, where you like :)

I'm taking my book to the Dolomites in Italy as I'll be cycling in the Mountains. I can't wait to see where my book ends up.



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Diane Evans-Wood
 Diane Evans-Wood says:

Looking forward to receiving mine. I know it will be so amazing. ❤️ xxx

posted 26th June 2023

Pamela Parry
 Pamela Parry says:

On the edge of my seat waiting for this. Xx

posted 26th June 2023

Diane Potter
 Diane Potter says:

Can’t wait to receive my copy xx

posted 26th June 2023

Tracy Waud
 Tracy Waud says:

I'm so looking forward to taking this on holiday and having some 'me time'. Congratulations for getting there! xx

posted 26th June 2023

Fiona Partington
 Fiona Partington says:

Fantastic. What an achievement. xxxx

posted 26th June 2023

Karen King
 Karen King says:

Can’t wait Liz! Congratulations on what is an amazing accomplishment x

posted 26th June 2023

Carmel McGovern
 Carmel McGovern says:

Delighted to see you looking so well,Liz.
Huge congratulations on your achievement and so looking forward to getting to know you better when my book arrives!

posted 27th June 2023

Kathy Szczegolski
 Kathy Szczegolski says:

Kathy Szczegolski

Congratulations Liz. I am looking forward to reading your book, thank you for the effort you have put into it.

posted 27th June 2023

Cathy McIntyre
 Cathy McIntyre says:

I’m so looking forward to receiving my book. Huge congratulations on your achievement and for all the work that you do, I think you’re amazing and you definitely deserve your upcoming holiday. Enjoy! xx

posted 27th June 2023

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