Under the Knife

By Liz O'Riordan

The Rise and Fall of a Female Surgeon

Saturday, 1 July 2023

Just a little bit nervous...

I hope that you've had your book though the post by now. It's been really emotional seeing photos of them on social media - and the pressure that the book lives up to your expectations is huge! But that's not why I'm talking to you today


I have a guilty confession. I never leave reviews for books I have loved. I just couldn't be bothered to log on to Amazon and say what I thought. That all changed when a good friend had her memoir publisehd a few months before mine and we learned how the industry works.


Everything relies on Amazon and GoodReads reviews. Everything. If you want your book to get into a physical bookshop - like my local Waterstones - it depends on how many reviews it gets in the first month. If you want your book to be recommended to people scrolloing for things to read - it depends on how many reviews it has.


I'm now going back and adding a review for all the books I've loved in the last year that I can remember reading - and I'd ask you to do the same - to support authors everywhere.


If you'd like to leave a review for my book - you can leave one here on GoodReads today. I'm going to be really cheeky and ask if you could copy and paste it into Amazon after July 6th (launch date) - and I'll send a quick email with the link on the day


As a final thank you to all my wonderful supporters (you're my favourite) I'm going to do this:

For every 50 reveiws I get on GoodReads or Amazon in July, I will offer to speak at your bookclub. 


Happy Reading x x x 

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Karen Buckley
 Karen Buckley says:

I am 6 chapters in and hanging on every word! Other stuff has got in the way Liz but it is living up to all my expectations currently and like all the very best books, I feel like I am right there with you.

posted 3rd July 2023

Roz Elliott
 Roz Elliott says:

Very much looking forward to reading this. I pledged for an online copy. Any news about when I will be able to access it?

posted 3rd July 2023

Rachel Jones
 Rachel Jones says:

As Roz says, also waiting for news on accessing the e-book. Hoping I haven’t missed an email with it…looking forward to reading.

posted 3rd July 2023

Cathy McIntyre
 Cathy McIntyre says:

My book arrived last week and I was so thrilled to receive it. I’d just started reading Ruby Wax’s new book so I was now faced with my usual dilemma, do I jump between books or do I wait until I finish the book that I’m reading? I think I’ll have to start reading your book and return to Ruby!

posted 3rd July 2023

Janet Aitken
 Janet Aitken says:

I’m with Roz and Rachel waiting for ebook access!!

posted 3rd July 2023

Janet Mcnally
 Janet Mcnally says:

I loved your book, I read it in three goes. What a wonderfully caring person you are. I am so sorry that someone as lovely as you has had to (and is still having to) go through all you have been through - life certainly is not fair. Having said that, there is humour in there too. I did laugh !! Please keep working towards happiness, you deserve every joy xx

posted 3rd July 2023

Linda Atkins
 Linda Atkins says:

It looks like mine has arrived but we are away until Friday. Looking forward to reading the book when I get home.

posted 3rd July 2023

Niamh clarke
 Niamh clarke says:

I had received it today & want to keep for my holiday in the sun. I promise to leave a review as I always do and did with your other book you wrote . As always congratulations I am so happy for you liz .

posted 3rd July 2023

Janice Mulley
 Janice Mulley says:

Liz, I joined your crowdfunder after following you on Twitter and becoming interested in your story. Having received your book last Thursday, I really didn’t expect to have finished it only 24 hours later! A really inspiring story of female bravery. I can’t believe you couldn’t find a publisher willing to take on your book! I’ll carry on following you to see where you go next and sincerely wish you all the best x

posted 3rd July 2023

Liz O'Riordan
 Liz O'Riordan says:

The ebooks will be released on 6th July

posted 4th July 2023

Claire Allison
 Claire Allison says:

I’m being thick I’m sure, but how do I find my ebook? Thanks

posted 10th July 2023

Rachel Jones
 Rachel Jones says:

I can’t work it out either Claire. Can’t find it in junk and can’t seem to download it from my account on unbound. Has anyone managed to get theirs yet? It’s well past 6 July so would expect to have it by now…if anyone’s got theirs please tell us how. LOL.

posted 11th July 2023

Claire Allison
 Claire Allison says:

I’m glad it’s not just me!

posted 11th July 2023

Rachel Jones
 Rachel Jones says:

Woohoo! Just got my email to download the ebook. Hope everyone else has too.

posted 12th July 2023

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