Under the Knife

By Liz O'Riordan

The Rise and Fall of a Female Surgeon

Tuesday, 4 April 2023

It's nearly here!

Hi everyone


Sorry it's been a while since I've updated you. Mum died just before Christmas and it's taken me a while to get back on track - but here I am.


So much has happened. The cover design is now finalised. There's been a legal read to make sure that patients can't be identified, plus proof-reading and final tweaking and acknowledgements to write - but it's all done!


The launch date is 6th July - I'll actually be driving back from Italy in my electric car so I have to hope it all goes according to plan.


So it's now time for me to start cracking on with the pledges for you all. I've got books to sign, sourdough videos to create and five dresses to make.The team at Unbound will be in touch with you all for your addresses to send things to, and you should get your books at the end of June.


Once again, a HUGE thank you for taking a chance on me and my story. 


With love



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Karen Buckley
 Karen Buckley says:

Can't wait Liz! You are a voice of calm reason and for anyone who has been touched by cancer, especially breast cancer, a trusted expert.
I also love your knitting and your nails!

Karen xx

posted 4th April 2023

Liz O'Riordan
 Liz O'Riordan says:

Thanks Karen x x Might have to turn my nails from yellow to turquoise for the launch!

posted 4th April 2023

Janet Mcnally
 Janet Mcnally says:

I’m looking forward to your book. You are my go-to person for post-cancer advice. You are the voice of reason in a world of nonsense.

posted 4th April 2023

Claire Connolly
 Claire Connolly says:

Looking forward to reading your book …(also a Dr impacted by a personal early stage breast cancer diagnosis)

posted 4th April 2023

philip caren
 philip caren says:

Can wait To read it Liz. Sorry to hear about your mum x

posted 4th April 2023

Laura Taylor
 Laura Taylor says:

sorry to hear about your mum, thinking of you and looking forward to reading your book! x

posted 4th April 2023

Helena Karaiskos
 Helena Karaiskos says:

Really looking forward to reading your book and finding out about your journey. I follow you daily on Instagram as you are the voice of reason and your posts and videos are always informative. Many thanks.

posted 4th April 2023

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