Under the Knife

By Liz O'Riordan

The Rise and Fall of a Female Surgeon

Friday, 16 September 2022

I need your help!

Hi everyone


Under the Knife has moved one step closer to becoming an actual book. I've finished working with Rachael, the lovely developmental editor and we've added a few more bits and pieces here and there to really make the book shine.


That means it's gone off to the copy editor for a proof-read, grammar check, and overall spit and polish.


So why do I need your help?

Well we all think that the tag line - 'The Rise and Fall of a Female Surgeon' makes me sound like a bad politician or leader, and I can't for the life of me come up with a new one.


So I'm handing it over to you. Go! 

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Siobhan Gaynor
 Siobhan Gaynor says:

Liz how about
From full on to bald and boobless
From medic to patient and all stops in between
Or a journey from surgery to patient advocacy

posted 16th September 2022

Caroline Brennan
 Caroline Brennan says:

Faith Despite Adversity

Your continued faith (not necessarily religious) in yourself becoming, and as, a breast surgeon despite the male dominated medical profession. Also, the faith others put in you despite their cancer diagnoses (as I did last year following my breast cancer diagnosis), your faith in other breast surgeons following your diagnosis and your continued faith and fight following yours and your mum's diagnoses.

posted 16th September 2022

Laura Hunter
 Laura Hunter says:

A twist of fate.

posted 16th September 2022

Lee Ann Thompson
 Lee Ann Thompson says:

Definitely not rise to fall as it sounds it was your own doing . From Surgeon to Patient : what medical practice doesn’t make perfect

posted 16th September 2022

Laura Hunter
 Laura Hunter says:

*A Twist of Fate for a Female Surgeon.

posted 16th September 2022

Anne Cheng
 Anne Cheng says:

Life as a Surgeon and Patient or From Surgeon to Patient. On the Front Line as Surgeon and Patient.

posted 16th September 2022

Margaret Walsh
 Margaret Walsh says:

Hi Liz,
What about something like

Full Circle - Cancer Surgeon to Cancer Patient and all the stops along the way /or Finding my way through / or My Journey Inside the Circle ( alluding to your specialist knowledge!)

I like the idea of Circular journeys! I’m sure someone will come up with something better. Depends how ‘serious’ a title you want!

My Boobs and Other Boobs - a Cancer Surgeon to Cancer Patient /or A Journey

My Boobs - A Cancer surgeon to Cancer Patient - and all the boobs in between

Probably easier to be a little irreverent!

posted 16th September 2022

philip caren
 philip caren says:

Making the cut as a Surgeon….

posted 16th September 2022

Carol Gilchrist
 Carol Gilchrist says:

Hi Liz
A Female Surgeon's Journey Travelled
From Operating Room to oriordanliz
Don't Ignore the Elephant

posted 16th September 2022

Allison Turner
 Allison Turner says:

A look at cancer from both sides of the scalpel

posted 16th September 2022

Anita Cooper
 Anita Cooper says:

Could put before & link to your title, something like ‘The life of a cancer surgeon finding herself’ …. Under the knife

posted 16th September 2022

 Lisa BISHOP says:

How about "Life on a knife edge"

posted 16th September 2022

Margaret Pelling
 Margaret Pelling says:

How about:

A breast cancer surgeon’s journey from doctor to patient

posted 16th September 2022

Lorraine Stevenson
 Lorraine Stevenson says:

I agree with others who say 'from surgeon to patient'

posted 16th September 2022

Jillian Aziz
 Jillian Aziz says:

Picking up on all the others:
From surgeon to patient and all the boobs in between.

posted 16th September 2022

Claire Krickova
 Claire Krickova says:

When your day job becomes you.

posted 16th September 2022

Lisa Henderson
 Lisa Henderson says:

The Triumphs and Trials of

posted 16th September 2022

Deryn Howard
 Deryn Howard says:

From the inside out; a breast surgeons personal journey with breast cancer.

posted 17th September 2022

Beverly Graham
 Beverly Graham says:

My boobs in your hands.

posted 17th September 2022

Beverly Graham
 Beverly Graham says:

Out of my hands

posted 17th September 2022

Nicola Ratcliffe
 Nicola Ratcliffe says:

From theory to reality

posted 17th September 2022

Eneas Faleiros
 Eneas Faleiros says:

Hi Liz,
I'd suggest something along the line of "Carving out the female breast surgeon", playing with the double meaning of carve out. The first part of your life would be "carving out" meaning how breast cancer "sculped" you, your abilities, and your successful career as a surgeon. The second part of your life is where cancer carved out (excised) your abilities and your career. And the third is the new sculpture, Liz as an advocate and all you've been doing redefining you and your purpose.

posted 19th September 2022

Steven Wood
 Steven Wood says:

How about "From doing to being done"

posted 20th September 2022

Helena Karaiskos
 Helena Karaiskos says:

Making the cut as a female surgeon in a man's world.

posted 20th September 2022

Helena Karaiskos
 Helena Karaiskos says:

Making the cut as a female surgeon in a male dominated (operating) theatre.

posted 20th September 2022

Niamh clarke
 Niamh clarke says:

Hi liz how about my boobs in another surgeons hand the inside truth of when the surgeon becomes the not so patient patient.

posted 21st September 2022

Patricia Fowlie
 Patricia Fowlie says:

Please don’t use “The Rise and Fall..”. You haven’t fallen Liz, you’ve evolved as the result of an unpleasant medical condition. I’m glad it’s being rethought because I always thought it sounded like you’d done something bad, fallen from grace. I’ve had 3 wee breast cancers removed now and I’ve never thought “Why me?” - why not me, since it’s so common -and I’d hate to be called a “cancer victim”. Is it only women doctors who feel guilty about ill health or do the men feel that too? How about “Life on the other side”

posted 11th October 2022

Lindsey Waters
 Lindsey Waters says:

The mammary memoirs of a female breast surgeon....

a life full of mammaries....

posted 25th October 2022

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