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The UK’s most controversial journalist on why she loves the Jewish people by Julie Burchill

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The Synopsis

They say you never get over your first love and in my case, they were right. But, typically greedy, my first love was a whole race of people - the Jews.

What started it? I was a blonde, popular, well-parented West Country schoolgirl, about as likely a convert to militant Zionism as Daphne from Scooby Doo. From what I can understand, I feel that I was most likely zapped, galvanized, struck by some invisible lightning of mind-restructuring incredulity at That Moment, aged fourteen, when I came across the installment of my dad’s The World At War part-work which - Dealt with? Exposed? Explained? Even at this distance, some forty years on, I can’t find the right word, and I’m quite good with words - the Holocaust.

From that moment of part-work revelation I was already on my way to being on my way, insofar as a land-locked pre-pubescent could ever be, packing up my childish effects in the spotted hanky of my tiny, shiny mind and getting set to hit that one-way trail to the Promised Land. From there on, it all just mounted up. The evidence. The unfairness and cruelty towards them from all corners of the world. The stoicism, intelligence and eventually the hard, cold anger - steeped in stoicism and intelligence - they reacted with. Yes, I was a popular, well-parented little blonde girl from the West Country who grew up loving the Jews, as Patti Smith’s poem Judith puts it, 'like the Jews love the land.'

I have been a journalist since I was seventeen and have written novels, memoirs, and biographies but this is the most difficult, most important book I’ve ever tried to write. And because I want to write in my own way, I’ve decided to publish it through Unbound.

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The Excerpt

In the September of 2012, in a Times column very appropriately titled ‘Beta Male’, one Robert Crampton described a series of recurrent nightmares he had. All the usual stuff was there; zombies, nakedness, being on the run from the police for unspecified but heinous crimes. And at the end, this one: ‘Another scenario is that I choose to go everywhere wrapped in an enormous Israeli flag. I am aware that many people I come across are sniggering, and some others are downright hostile, and even my most ardently Zionist friends are embarrassed, and yet I insist on wearing the flag everywhere...’


The Reviews

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Julie Burchill, in case you don’t already know, co-authored the seminal ‘The Boy Look At Johnny – The Obituary of Rock and Roll’ in 1978. Still only a teenager herself, the book effectively punctured the balloon of punk rock before it even had the chance to be properly inflated. Anybody over the age... (read more)

The Author

I’m 53 and have written more than a dozen books, with the TV adaptation of one of them, Sugar Rush, winning an International Emmy. My hobbies include spite, luncheon, philanthropy, writing short stories and torch songs and learning Modern Hebrew. I am married and live in Brighton.

The Rewards

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  • Format: Hard Back
  • ISBN: 978-1-908717-95-5
  • Published: 10/2014
  • Format: Hard Back
  • ISBN: 978-1-908717-96-2
  • Published: 09/2014