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Poem for Tonight. And Life.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Only Alice (6th December, 2011)


Lift foot off the gas; I’m slowing this down:

a series of journeys that never end;

if life has no meaning, what do I read

in all of this? And why the sacrifice?


Decelerate: time bleeds red into white

and blackens; I shift through patterns of work

and sleep; other needs matter not. Shattered.

Don’t admit defeat; play, smile and eat; keep


breathing. Can you feel my heart beating slow;

rise and fall with echoes of what I know?

Pull wheel to the left, and then to the right:

I twist and turn; brake, accelerate, fight.


Open roads are pure American dreams,

right? British hearts seek destinations; they

chase white rabbits for explanations, and

bury themselves in their deprivations.


Tonight, I blink at the blank white screen; I

try to apply restraint to the shape of

my words, but find no boundary. Clocks are

the only obstacles: they go light speed.


I’m only Alice for this one night stand,

against the walls I’ve built; I will show my

hand. So, eat me, drink me, devour my mind;

you’ll go blind. Accelerate: tears disguise.


Jennifer Pickup

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Karl Bovenizer
Karl Bovenizer says:

Like it :)

December 07, 2011

Jennifer Pickup
Jennifer Pickup says:

Thank you, Karl! 6 days...! x

December 07, 2011

Karl Bovenizer
Karl Bovenizer says:

One of my News Years resolutions, yes I know its a little early, is to start making short films. Get my creative side going again. Your pitch was partly responsible for that. Anyhow, to ease my way in I was going to start with turning some poems in shorts. Do you have any you think might enjoy the treatment? Just a thought :). And, how many sleeps now! lol

December 13, 2011

Jennifer Pickup
Jennifer Pickup says:

Hey! Sorry, just seen this message! I have a lot of poems - have a look at:


and have a read and see what you think! Glad the pitch has inspired you - I love the video, and think short film making is a fab New Year's resolution! Still deciding on mine! x

December 23, 2011

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