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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I had an amazingly fun time last night carving pumpkins with my talented musical friend. Had loads of mini trick or treaters knock on the door in fabulous costumes - luckily, I had a large bowl of pic n' mix at the ready, which went down a treat [sic]!.

Then, I came on here and tried to post an image, but it wouldn't upload! So, to see my amazing pumpkin, 'like' me on facebook - find me - 'Jennifer Pickup - Author' (I know, a very ambitious title, but at 63% this evening, a girl has high hopes!). Alternatively, I've also posted the photo on my Twitter account - @JenniferPickup. Come and see!

Pumpkin pie cooking tonight; the English Department are salivating at the thought! Here's hoping it comes out alright!

Hope you

J x

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