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Sunday, 8 January 2012

And... 'send'!

Well, I've spent my Christmas holidays doing two things: the first, being very ill with tonsillitis; the second, finishing the manuscript for Unbelievable!

I've been working to ensure it's as finished as can be; proofreading and adjusting, making sure the spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct and that the story hangs together... oh, why did I write such a complicated story?!

My hero and champion is my wonderful Mum, who has also spent her Christmas proofreading and editing the book! She's read the whole thing through, and it's amazing to have someone else's eyes picking up on the things I have, inevitably, missed. She wrote extensive notes as she went through and talked me though the whole thing, too!

Not only is my Mum the best person I know at spelling, punctuation and grammar, but she's also really good at asking questions about plot points and characters that I hadn't thought of! (She's also solved a huge problem I had created for myself in the sequel - she's amazing!) Above all, it's not her kind of book at all, and yet she says it's a jolly good story and goes with a swing - high praise indeed!

I have now pressed 'send' and sent the final manuscript in to the Unbounders. I am sure that I will have to make a few more adjustments as we now enter the 'editing process', but I really feel a huge sense of achievement.

Now, if only I could get rid of this tonsillitis - I have been in bed most of the week, yet again! Gah!

J x

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Stephen Smith
 Stephen Smith says:

Sorry to hear about the tonsillitis - hope you recover soon. But congratulations on sending off the manuscript! Happy 2012. Stephen

posted 8th January 2012

Karl Bovenizer
 Karl Bovenizer says:

Exciting news - the manuscript, not the tonsilitis :). What sort of timescale are you looking at to get the finished article in your hands?

posted 9th January 2012

Stan C Waterman
 Stan C Waterman says:

Never Mind The Book ! How,s Mums Eye,s?

posted 12th January 2012

Jennifer Pickup
 Jennifer Pickup says:

Hey folks! I should be getting the edited manuscript back for me to go through again soon - it's being worked on as we speak - and the actual publication is currently set for March. Not long now! There was a meeting this week to discuss cover design - I sent in some ideas as to how I would like it to look, but the professionals no doubt will have better ones!

Mum's eyes are slightly crossed, I expect - reading just over 80,000 words onscreen isn't easy! We printed it out once we'd sent it in and she's just re-read it on paper. Awaiting the manuscript back with baited breath!

J x

posted 21st January 2012

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