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Monday, 4 August 2014

A thousand times - sorry!

Dear would-be-readers,

I am so sorry to have taken so long to pull myself together, but it has been quite a time for me over the last two years, and I have finally emerged from myself. There have been so many ups and downs, but here are the highlights:

I spent most of 2012 seriously ill and housebound. Along with the fantastic joy of having 'Unbelievable' published, came the soul-wrecking difficulty that long-term illness brings. The only thing that kept my spirits up was my writing, and completing 'Unforgivable', which I started the moment I finished writing 'Unbelievable', was my salvation. The novel is now finished, all 109,000 words, into which I poured heart and soul, and only needs some more publicity to get funded and published. To that end, I intend to devote myself from this moment forth.

In addition to this, I am well into writing the third installment of what is destined, now, to become a trilogy. I even think I know how it all ends, although what my characters have taught me over the length of my unbelievable journey is that nothing is certain, they are in control, and what I expect to happen never does...!

The rest of the story? I finally achieved another lifetime dream last year. While 2012 saw the publication of Unbelievable, which was incredible, and a I dream I have held ever since I discovered writing in senior school, with the encouragement of my English teacher, Mrs Alison Smerdon, 2013 brought Lucas into my life. Lucas is a tall, bay gelding - my very own horse, and we have had the most wonderful first year together (and yes, he has stolen into my writing time, somewhat!). Oddly enough, and, being a fatalist, his name is very meaningful - Lucas also happens to be the name of one of the key characters in Unforgivable - it was clearly 'written in the stars'. 

I spent 2012-13 struggling my way back to health and full-time teaching, and 2013-14 enjoying Lucas, writing, and getting back to normal. It has been a long, hard road, but, to quote Aerosmith's 'Amazing': 'Life's a journey, not a destination.' And so, onwards!

So here I am: hungry to write, keen to see my characters live in your imaginations as well as my own, and with a confidence that, for a time, I admit that I had lost. I hope you forgive my silence, and wish me well,


Jennifer x

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