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Saturday, 5 November 2011

81%! Bang, bang!

I am so thrilled with events over the last few days! First, on Thursday, appearing in a local paper and being interviewed by another. Then, on Friday, Terry Jones mentioning me on BBC Breakfast - how cool! He is my hero! And tonight, reaching 81% AND discovering that one of the most recent people to support me is Mrs Alison Smerdon, who was my English teacher all the way through senior school! 

Mrs S is the one who first developed my love of creative writing and did me a huge favour by being very strict with me. When I was young, horses were all I used to write about. If I wrote a story, it had horses in it! So, Mrs S banned me from writing about horses and encouraged me to branch out into other things. (Just wait until she reads the book... Oh, Mrs S, there's bound to be a horse or two in it somewhere! *grin*!) 

J x

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Mark Lilley
 Mark Lilley says:

Congratulations on reaching 100%! Looking forward to taking delivery of ;hopefully; you great first novel of many.

posted 8th November 2011

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