Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wow, I signed in tonight and the book is up to 45%!

I am so thrilled - this is so exciting! Thank you to all the new people who have signed up, you are so generous! I am going to put up Chapter Two tomorrow if I can work out how...

It's been a busy half term week so far what with waking up ILL the very first day of the holiday (typical!) and then my 30th birthday celebrations kicking off on Saturday night with my parents taking me out to dinner at my favourite local country pup. Monday night (my actual birthday) some of my very lovely friends took me out to an Italian restaurant in Bath, followed by some very awful dancing in bars (photos on facebook... *red face*)! Friday night sees us hitting the town in Trowbridge, (might go for a curry first, am doing a great job of expanding my middle aged spread already!) so it's been a 'birthday week' really!

J x

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Jennifer Pickup
Jennifer Pickup says:

Spot the funny typo and win a prize - a pen, used to write down some of the first ideas for Unbelievable! x

October 26, 2011

Scott Smith
Scott Smith says:

Hi Jennifer,

Did you have hot dogs at your favourite local country pup?!

I'm so Sorry.


November 01, 2011

Jennifer Pickup
Jennifer Pickup says:

Haha Scott, you've won the pen! Lol! This is what happens when you type when tired!

If you send me your address, I'll get it in the post!

J x

November 03, 2011

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