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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

100%!!! Yey!

In all the excitement of watching my numbers creep up last night until I finally achieved 100% and reached my funding target, I completely forgot to update the diary!

Needless to say, I received quite a few facebook and twitter comments and emails to respond to and now have some serious work ahead in perfecting the manuscript ready for publication! (I don't think it'll quite sink in that I am actually going to be a published author until I have a copy of the physical book in my hands!)

I would just like to thank everybody who has pledged their support. Looking down the list of supporters, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of friends, family and fellow ABCtales writers who have helped me to achieve my lifelong dream. Beside them are others who, although I don't know them yet, I hope very much to meet in future. You are all amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (x100!)

Please do spread the word among everyone you know - there is still time to pledge at all levels and to get your name in the back of the book! 

J x

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trish woods
 trish woods says:

Hi Jenny. I am really pleased for you and just reading your comment and almost living every minute of you waiting for the clock to count down and say you have achieved your goal, it gives way for other brilliant writiers, sadly I am not that gifted to ever be published, this I know. But your story deserved to and I cnanot wait for my book next year, even though I am more a writer than a reader as told to you on ABCtales lol.

Well done xx prettyrose....a.k.a Trish x

posted 9th November 2011

Marc Orr
 Marc Orr says:

Congratulations. Absolutely delighted for you, and all of us who will get to read your book. Magical things really do happen, after all. Who knew?


posted 9th November 2011

Georgia Blue Townshend
 Georgia Blue Townshend says:

Congrats Jenny,I feel proud to be part of this amazing step forward. Well-deserved congratulations to you. I look forward to reading your book and meeting you. This is the start of something big... well done, you!!!!! GeorgiaBlue

posted 10th November 2011

Nicky Merrick
 Nicky Merrick says:

Just wanted to say well done after I saw you had reached your target.
Well Done!

posted 10th November 2011

Kara Haynes
 Kara Haynes says:

Well done Jenny! I'm glad you got 100% because I'm very excited to read this book!

posted 11th November 2011

Stan C Waterman
 Stan C Waterman says:

Well done, Raise a glass to the future! Good Luck.

posted 11th November 2011

Margaret Roden
 Margaret Roden says:

Well done Jenny, I'm really pleased you got the full funding for your book. Looking forward to reading the first of many!

posted 13th November 2011

Karl Bovenizer
 Karl Bovenizer says:

Well done Jenny, Very pleased for you and very much looking forward to reading the finished book :). Here's to many more of them!

posted 17th November 2011

Scott Newnham
 Scott Newnham says:

How exciting, congrats! I sooooo can't wait to have the book in my hot little hands and totally looking forward to more exciting reads form your talented self.


posted 18th November 2011

Neil Wynne
 Neil Wynne says:

I'm in, looks a good read. Good luck!

posted 19th November 2011

Jennifer Pickup
 Jennifer Pickup says:

Hello All!

Thank you so, so much for supporting my book! It is so exciting to be able to reach out and talk to you through the medium of the shed! I know several people have also bought the launch party level, so I will get to meet you in the flesh, if I haven't already! I really won't believe this is actually happening until I get the actual book in my hands... it really is a dream come true and I am absolutely petrified that you're now all going to actually read it! Here's hoping it lives up to expectations!

J x

posted 20th November 2011

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