Twice The Speed Of Dark

By Lulu Allison

What does it mean to care about the deaths of distant strangers? What does it take to bear the loss of a child?

Monday, 22 May 2017

What's this editorial development all about?

It's about getting closer to publication, and about getting to know your book even better. It's about stretching your head to keep a picture of the entire trajectory and keeping in view a tiny detail. It's about understanding more clearly the structures that instinct, bravado and sheer dumb luck pulled out of the thin air of imagination and teeth grinding effort. All of these are tremendously good things, I even enjoy the head-thumping difficulty of it. Though I must confess, when a fellow Unbound author said he got easily distracted by, for example, squirrels, I was so willing to be easily distracted that I decided that squirrels is a condition, one from which I was suffering quite badly. But I wiil fend off the squirrels and send my book back in a few days for the final copy edit (spelling and such - not looking forward to that...) 

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