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The greatest wordplay comic in the world by a bloke who can’t draw

A writing prompt that, quite frankly, has got out of hand, Tut and Groan is a comic consisting of bad puns, wordplay jokes, single panel gags and strips plucked from the sharp mind of Tom Nash and drawn by his noticeably less sharp left hand.

The aim of Tut and Groan is simple, to raise as many smiles as possible and collect them all in a book.

Whether crude or clever, sarcastic or sophisticated, no joke is too obvious and no pun too forced for T&G. Prepare to roll your eyes. A lot.

Tom Nash is a writer and cartoonist from Croydon who draws bad pictures on his tablet and sometimes types words for the internet.

Tom escaped South London and a promising dead-end admin career in his early twenties and spent the next few years studying the craft of writing in Falmouth. With a degree and an MA in Professional Writing under his arm and a stunning young lady on the other one, Tom followed his better half to Bristol and eventually set up a home with her in a well posh part of Surrey. Then he got a dog, which he named Graham and never shut up about.

He started Tut and Groan in 2014 as a way to stay creative while taking a break from writing that tricky first novel. The procrastination is still going well…

Tut and Groan is Two Today

Monday, 10 October 2016

T g 2yearsold

What better way to celebrate two years of terribly drawn puns and comic strips than to pester someone you love into spending a score on a book of terribly drawn puns and comic strips...?

We managed another 2% over the last couple of weeks- huge thanks to Christine, Jo, Colin, Claire, Sharon and Linda for that!

New Halloween themed stuff coming, plus the chance to win a free.99 tee shirt…

Comic Strips or Puns Only?

Friday, 19 August 2016

T g threepanels

Getting a little ahead of myself, but bare with me... Let's say we do manage to get this book fully funded- would you like to see some of T&G's famous three and six panel comic strips included in amongst the pun and wordplay single panel gag comics?

Thoughts welcome, as ever (direct them to Twitter, preferably, but it'd be nice for the Q&A section here to see some action, no?).

As a little treat…

One Week In

Friday, 27 May 2016

Welcome to the first ever Tut and Groan Unbound Shed post!

More than 10 people have pledged and I am delighted. My parents haven't pledged... I am concerned.

T&G isn't blessed with celebrity backers or a huge, established following. It is a growing entity that is reliant on word of mouth and strength of the material... Which makes you lot telling people and sharing your favourite cartoons even…

Danielle Donnelly
Danielle Donnelly asked:

Hi there, I imagine you get a lot of messages like this but i'll give it a shot.
I have a very good friend that i want to give a gift to and i know she loves your work so i thought this a perfect way to make her smile.
We have a private joke and i was looking at the pledges seeing if there was a way i could get done for her what i wanted.
What i'm after is 3 characters...One farting, one burping and one yawning, all pointing at a drawing of a cat with the txt we're blaming the cat. Hoping you also can add your t&g signature
Looking at the pledges it ties in a little with the £150 pledge with me being able to say what i'd like the characters to be doing (except i would like it on a postcard rather than the canvas if that's possible ) however i do understand that what i'm asking for is really the £9.000 pledge which i can not do (how i wish)
So i thought lets just see if anything can be done here, you don't ask, you don't know or get kind of situation.
Oh, my friend is Sharon Mckinnon ( @shazzie_mcmac )
It would be a suprise gift though.
Thanks for reading.

Tom Nash
Tom Nash replied:

Hi Danielle

I'd be only too happy to help you out for Sharon- she's really supportive of everything I'm doing and has been kind enough to pledge to the book campaign.

If you can email me at, we can certainly arrange something special for her!

Thank you for thinking of T&G!

Tom x

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