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A photography book celebrating the powerful identity of Sikhs.

Why we want to make a book

Identity is what makes us. It is who we are. We should celebrate this with pride.

For us, this book is the perfect way for us to combine our passion as portrait photographers, with our love of our culture.

We want these images, which show the beauty of the Sikh identity, to live on for generations to come. These are the images that were seen by millions. These are the images that became a piece of history.

But as equally important are the stories behind these individuals. Some of the subject’s tales of perseverance, progress and determination need to remembered. They need to shared. This book will do exactly that.

A little background

Photographing these portraits has been a real labour of love and was inspired by the sudden popularity of the beard as a fashion statement in 2013.

Being of the Sikh faith, we found this intriguing. In our culture the beard is a constant, a key tradition and an integral and important identifying feature of a Sikh male.

Inspired, we developed a project focused on the identity, the look of the beard, and equally important, the turban of British Sikh men.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, it became award winning and exhibited multiple times in the UK, receiving international acclaim.

From that success, we partnered with The Sikh Coalition to create a U.S version. It took a year to plan, hand selecting Sikh men and women from across America. We looked for individuals who had inspiring stories as well as their own approach to wearing their articles of faith.

Photographed in New York, with funds raised by the awesome guys at The Sikh Coalition, we exhibited the portraits in Soho, Manhattan in September 2016. Over a thousand people a day visiting the exhibition on the busiest days.

The Book

Turban and Tales will be a culmination of four years, research, production shooting and editing. It will take you on a journey from conception, execution to reactions of photographing the portraits, as well as providing a history to the turban itself.

Each of the portraits will be accompanied with the words from the subjects, their tales. Stories of their experiences. What their turban means to them. How it makes them feel. How people perceive them. Why their identity is important.

If you pledge for the book, you will receive a limited edition, hardback copy that won’t be available in stores. You will have your name printed in the back of the book, making you part of it’s creation, and making you part of history.

Thank you.

Born and raised in West London, photography duo Amit Amin and Naroop Jhooti got together in 2005 when a mutual friend, an aspiring music artist, needed a press shoot done. During the shoot they collaborated well, bouncing ideas off each other and producing some interesting images. The chemistry was instant. From that first shoot, they decided to team up as creative partners and Amit and Naroop Photography was formed.
The duo continued working within the music industry, developing their own distinct, intense visual style and honing their craft. They quickly built a name for themselves and began to get commissions from clients outside of the music industry.
They have continued to broaden their horizons and their work has expanded to embrace advertising and portraiture, all interpreted with their characteristic passion and style. Their large and diverse portfolio of work includes iconic portraits of musicians and celebrities such as Tinie Tempah, Dynamo Magician, Ricky Gervais, Miles Teller, Skepta, Jay Sean, 50 Cent and Riz Ahmed, along with advertising campaigns for the likes of Barclays, Samsung, MTV, Sunsilk and Huawei.

It looks like Amit and Naroop have not made any updates yet. Check back soon!

Baljit Singh
Baljit Singh asked:

Hi Gents,

Glad to read that this is pushing ahead. I was really disappointed when kickstarter didn't meet the threshold. I love the title - Turbans & Tales. I am ready to pledge. However the unbound site lacked some details. It is currently 27% funded. Do you need to raise 100% before this becomes a reality? What are the timelines to expect this book to be shipped out? How much is international shipping to Singapore?

Let me know and we can move ahead!


Naroop Jhooti
Naroop Jhooti replied:

Hi Baljit.

Glad you like the title. Yes the book is definitely happening.

We don't need to hit 100%. The book is definitely happening.

Through Unbound we are offering people to get hold of a hardback, limited edition signed copy and have your name in the book as a contributor.

Only 500 hardbacks will be printed. The stores will only sell the paper backs, so these hardbacks will be collectors editions.

The book will be released early 2018. I'm not sure about the exact price for shipping to Singapore, but I believe it is estimated at £12.

Hope that helps and thanks in advance for your pledge.


Kavijit Singh
Kavijit Singh asked:


What is the size and the weight of the book? If I pledge today, when will it be shipped out to me in Toronto, Canada?



Naroop Jhooti
Naroop Jhooti replied:

Hi Kavijit. We haven't got exact size and weight details yet as it is still being finalised. The book will be completed and shipped early 2018.

Hope that helps.


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