Trust Me, PR is Dead

By Robert Phillips

The Former EMEA President and CEO of the world’s largest PR firm on the end of PR

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Thank You

Yesterday, we passed the 100% funding target for the book. We have built a community of over 200 supporters, many of whom have become active participants in the thinking and writing process. The book is much wiser and more authentic for it - proof positive of the collective power and legitimacy of crowds  and, as publisher Dan Kieran has written in one of the Afterwords, further evidence that the old publishing model is dead, too. 

A huge thank you to everyone for their support. As I write in the "Thanks" at the beginning, there is no need for Oscar speeches, just a profound appreciation for the community that has been on the adventure of recent months. This is as much their story - your story - as it is mine.

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