Trust Me, PR is Dead

By Robert Phillips

The Former EMEA President and CEO of the world’s largest PR firm on the end of PR

Sunday, 1 February 2015

First reviews

The Kindle and iBook version of Trust Me, PR Is Dead went on sale last week. All supporters of the project (thank you!) received a notification and should now be able to downoad their copy. Please let me know what you think when you get a chance to read it in full. I would love your feedback. 

(If you encounter any technical difficulties, btw, please let publishers Unbound know).

The book has received two early reviews: the first from Arun Sudhaman in The Holmes Report ("provocative and amusing...  very well written") and then from Ketchum's Steve Waddington on his own blog ("a fantastic job"). Colin Byrne, (EMEA) CEO of industry giant Weber Shandwick - and an early critic of my thesis - tweeted "Excellent ideas. Read it!". The title seems to have wrong-footed many  - including those who rushed to judge early on. My original working title, for the record, was either "World Gone Wrong" or "Biscuits and Bathrooms" - two stories that are told in the text.

I have also received some lovely comments from friends and colleagues in business and media. Many have said how much of an enjoyable read they found it - almost like "an excellent novel" and digestible "in one sitting". One called it "sizzling".  The enjoyment factor means a lot to me. 

Please feel free to "share the love", as they say, with Amazon links and on social media. This is an important argument for the future of business and politics and one that needs to be debated publically and more honestly.

The hardback special edition is scheduled for publication in Spring and the paperback in June. I will keep you posted on developments - always letting the crowd into the debate, of course.


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