By Patrick Morgan and David Kidger

Three sisters walk different paths in search of the origins of their technology driven race.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Writing Together

So how does it work? The underpinning idea of the slow turning planet was David's and really drives the story all the way through. It's quite interesting to consider what impact that would have on a population. No night, working shifts all very different to what we understand, meaning people are reliant on legislation to tell them when to sleep. With only a 1000km wide habitable strip of land, it forces isolationism. 

Patrick took this and started to write short excerpts, initially focusing on the character of Katherine Kane. We use Dropbox Paper, Patrick writing, David assessing and Patrick's wife Celia (a trained journalist) sub editing. We also shared with Jade Gurss, the New York Times bestseller (twice) and author of 'Beast' on which Patrick was technical editor. Jade's input concerned the pacing and the writing itself. It felt brutal at times, but then you can't ask for help from an experienced and successful author and then wilfully ignore him.

Patrick writes most of the first drafts on a Thursday morning. He visualises a scene in as much detail as he can muster, then jots it down in a crude fashion just to get the structure. After that comes a few hours of massaging it into something readable. At 3pm he will print out what he's written on plain paper, (single sided only) and head out to a local pub to read it again. It's like the artists trick of looking at a finished piece in a mirror, fleetingly you see it as if for the first time. Words on paper and a different setting gives perspective. With corrections scribbled all over the page he will update David and spend a pint's worth of time on the general plot. Some of the best plot twists came in those hours. 

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