By Patrick Morgan and David Kidger

Three sisters walk different paths in search of the origins of their technology driven race.

Sci-fi & Fantasy
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Publication date: Spring 2021

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Tour of Dawn Treader Performance

Patrick’s day job is the restoration of historic Formula 1 cars, MotoGP bikes and Indycars. During the 2-3 hour tour of the workshops in Northamptonshire you will be able to get up close to such icons as Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 98T, Casey Stoner’s Ducati GP8 and Emerson Fittipaldi’s Penske PC23. Learn about some of the fascinating technical detail that helped shape Trinity (travel not included). Plus everything from Super Patron level.

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A planet slowly rotates, one side perpetual sunlight the other perpetual darkness - a desert of rock and a wasteland of ice.

Between these two hostile environments lies the divide, a verdant, habitable strip that moves almost imperceptibly.

The city of Skala, the seat of humanity’s high council, is slipping inexorably west from the divide into the harsh desert of Hellinar and to its death.

Over 1000km east, at the cusp of the icy Ayon Tundra another city is on the verge of its birth, created with the aid of two ancient artificial intelligence cores.

Politics and ambition run rife when one of the cores goes missing, without a trace. This starts a series of revealing events that hint at something rotten, and deeply linked to the founding of the new city everyone will soon call home.

Katherine Kane, an engineer, field scientist and the individual who discovered the only remaining core is thrust into a limelight she neither asked or wished for.

The loss of the core can’t be kept under wraps forever - soon a plan is put into place - forcing the rapid completion of a state of the art, one of a kind exploratory vehicle that may be the only hope of confirming the fate of the missing core.

Trinity is a story of family, forgotten history, advancing technology and a twisting series of events that lead a collection of rich characters on interconnecting paths to re-discover the truth about their small, isolationist civilisation - and something far bigger than any of them could have imagined…


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  • Patrick Morgan avatar

    Patrick Morgan

    David Kidger avatar

    David Kidger

    Patrick and David’s first collaboration, the ‘Sega Star’ was published, by them, on A4 plain paper, at the tender age of 10. David got through university, worked for the BBC online, before starting his own web design company. Patrick abandoned his pitiful academic endeavours at 19 to work as a support engineer and designer in Indycar and Formula 1.

    Years later both were running their respective businesses, David’s in user experience and interface design, Patrick’s in Historic Motorsport or ‘seeing what everyone else did’ as he calls it. Reunited over a long promised pint they talked childhood, Transformers and Starcom. It’s a fact that boys love spaceships and robots, both had stabs at novels in the past so writing together sounded like fun. Patrick worked with Jade Gurss on his highly rated book ‘Beast’ in 2014, among other motorsport and technical books, loving every moment of it.

    Patrick does words, illustrations and some ideas. David does ideas, mostly the bigger ones.

  • Ayon Research Facility, Eastern District, Skala City. 

    She hit the glass again with the ball of her hand and this time it cracked. Ignoring the pain, Myra smashed at the emergency panel until the painted floor was scattered with bloody shards. Fighting hyperventilation, she picked out the larger remnants with her fingertips, not caring if she cut herself, then slammed down onto the alarm button. Abruptly the faint echoes of the starkly illuminated corridor were drowned in a cacophony of sound. Over the piercing siren she heard the explosive discharge of Freon gas as it dowsed the inside of the chamber behind her. The white lights blinked out, replaced by a violent confusion of spinning amber that flared from high on the walls. Pawls of the sweet smelling vapour were caught in the light as they rolled past the armoured door and over the debris at her feet before stretching into taught wisps that rushed up into an extractor grate above her. 

    Myra staggered to the wall, pulled towards it as if by gravity. As her temple hit the cold surface with a dull thud she slapped an anguished hand against the white brickwork leaving a dark, bloodied ark as it dropped. Her eyes stung and she became aware her face had involuntarily contorted. She forced herself to focus, looking down the long passage to the door at the far end. Externally mounted pneumatic locks were slid hard into their keepers telling her the hermetic seal was still inflated and that the room beyond remained secure. She let her eyes close momentarily and on opening them found her view obscured by the dark form of a woman running towards her. In the strobing light she saw both resolve and disbelief writ clear across her face. Myra began to crumple as the figure reached her, breaking her fall as the world faded from the maelstrom of confusion and panic. Time passed.

  • Patrick Morgan and David Kidger have written 3 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    3rd June 2020 Patrick on John Griff on BBC radio

    Sorry it's been so long since David and Patrick have been in touch. The publication of 'Cauldron Born' V1 - Trinity has been pushed back due to CORVID19.In the meantine Patrick had a chat with the BBC's John Griff about the writing process.


    24th February 2020 Trinity is Typeset

    Dear All,

    Just a quick update as we've not posted one in a while. Trinity is now typeset, so the text is now fixed which is pretty exciting after week and weeks of editing and checking. Although not much materially changed save for the measurement of time, the impact on the text was significant. 

    The last piece of the puzzle is the cover of which the first draft is expected in the next week…

    13th November 2019 Editing Part 2

    We are now deep into the second phase of editing, sorting out the finer detail of the text. The structural edit threw up some issues, in particular with the measurement of time. With no night or day references we've had to invent a completly different method of referring to demoninations without throwing the reader (you guys) out of the story. We feel we've got this however the impact on the actual…

    4th October 2019 Editing Stage 1

    A quick update on progress. Editing stage 1 is possibly a misleading title as a lot of editing has gone on over the past year however the 'official' structural edit is now complete. Fortunately only minimal changes were required although the impact on the text has been extensive. 

    More to follow over the next couple of weeks....

    29th August 2019 We're Funded!

    A huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered Trinity. Last night we hit the 100% funding mark. We will keep you updated on the process from here.


    David & Patrick

    24th August 2019 Technical Illustration

    Back in 2013 Patrick spent an intense three months working with New York Times' bestselling author Jade Gurss on his book Beast, an account of the design, build, testing and racing of the Ilmor 265E Indycar engine. As Technical Editor it was his job to translate the complex technical detail of the book into layman's terms while not dumbing it down for the hard core enthusiast.

    Part of the process…

    19th August 2019 We're Nearly There!

    Trinity is now 90% funded, a sincere thank you to everyone who has got us this far. While we hope you’ve enjoyed the updates so far we have to confess we’ve been a bit cagey about the book’s wider plot. Without giving too much away we thought we would pose a few questions to give you a taster of what to look forward to…

    The Hadje - who are they, who is their mysterious Shaman and what exactly…

    9th July 2019 Councillor Joss Ratha

    A former field biologist, the stern and often abrasive ‘Grey Lady’ is the longest serving member of Skala’s Privy Council. A consummate political force, Ratha presides over Hellinar Research manipulating policy to coincide with her own opaque interests.

    The extent of her wealth is disputed, close confidants including Katherine Kane speak of her generous philanthropy while those she has crossed…

    23rd June 2019 Characters - Katherine Kane

    We’ve just hit the 60% funding mark, thank you to everyone who’s pledged so far.


    In the second part of our funding campaign we wanted to expand on some of the characters that populate Skala starting with Katherine Kane, one of the three sisters of the books title.


    Councillor Katherine Kane

    Born to Professor and Privy Councillor Kyle Devin and his first wife, the now deceased…

    27th April 2019 Researching Ayon

    Writing with conviction about a given, if imaginary setting, is essential. So it was that Patrick found himself on a flight to northern Finland to frame the borderlands of Ayon, the dark, icy wastelands to the east of the Divide.


    I’d done a handful of winters living in Detroit in my early twenties and been back since, but such an urban setting didn’t lend itself to the borderlands of Ayon…

    16th April 2019 The Western District

    Skala’s western district plays a major role early in the story. It’s older and less municipal that the Central District, more a home to office blocks and middle-income residential dwellings. It’s also home to some of the locations described or mentioned in early chapters.


    Hellinar Research

    A once grand, now more aging warrior, Hellinar Research is home to the formidable Councillor…

    25th March 2019 Skala is growing....

    Working hard on the model of Skala City. This view is from west to east. More to come in the coming weeks....

    21st March 2019 Patrick & David on the BBC

    Patrick and David talk Trinity with John Griff on BBC radio last Sunday. Listen from 2:13.

    28th February 2019 Iconology

    If you’ve spotted the bracketed ring of circles and wondered what it means, we’ll explain. The icon was born out of our conversations about Skala’s Council and the Privy Council within it. The Privy Council is composed of the Matriarch, a titular head of state, and eight members split between the affairs concerning Hellinar and those of Ayon. The brackets represent the outer council, the gap between…

    24th February 2019 Mk8 Ice Runner

    The first vehicle Patrick drew for Trinity was the MK8 'Ice Runner', a six wheeled, 2 crew rapid exploration vehicle. The Ice runner is principally used by Ayon Research, the council department responsible for anything east of the Divide, including construction of humanity's new city - Aya. It's designed for uneven terrain and easy maintenance hence the external dampers. 

    The concept for the Ice…

    23rd February 2019 Writing Together

    So how does it work? The underpinning idea of the slow turning planet was David's and really drives the story all the way through. It's quite interesting to consider what impact that would have on a population. No night, working shifts all very different to what we understand, meaning people are reliant on legislation to tell them when to sleep. With only a 1000km wide habitable strip of land, it…

    20th February 2019 Welcome to Skala

    Trinity is set in the fictional city of Skala, the 'Dying City'. Situated on the fringe of the Divide, a habitable strip of land that moves 3km a year with the planets slow rotation it's slipping into the western Hellinar Desert. It's a diverse place - the wealthy massing in the modern glass towers of the cooler Eastern district while bureaucracy and corruption infects the Central District seat…

    20th February 2019 Launch

    We are thrilled to finally launch Trinity, a book we started writing back in 2015. We appreciate all the support!

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