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Monday, 25 April 2016

The great thing about art

I'll begin this post with a very hearty THANK YOU to Jeremy Thomas and Johari Ismail for supporting Transilience. I am grateful for the support.

On my on-going posts about the different funding levels available for Transilience, I thought I would write about the Limited Edition Artwork and what a great value it is!

For only 20 (or 25 pounds if you've snagged an Early Bird Special) more, you get everything a Super Patron does plus a print from an incredibly talented art department.

Want proof?

Here's the cover of my friend Rich's book about Winemaking.

A look at the evolution of the Diary by Sally Bayley.

And E.O. Higgins's Conversations with Spirits.

Are just a sample to demonstrate the range of their creativity.

You have a chance to have one of their pieces hanging on your wall!

Support a project. Recieved a piece of artwork created specifically for it. Seriously, for a modest amount more, you have Art! You will be a patron of epic proportions.

You will, in fact, be a SUPER PATRON!

Your name will be in the front of the book. You can point to it during dinner parties from any portable device, and say to friends, family and social acquaitances, "This is my name. I helped make this book happen." If the gathering happens to be at your place of dwelling, point to the glycee print and make a similar pronouncement.

They will be amazed.

Or at the very least, they should be amazed.

If they aren't, check for a pulse and perhaps put them in the recovery position.

Be impressive today!

Pledge 40 pounds for the Limited Edition Artwork and start planning which wall will grace your Transilience Cover Art today!


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