By Kevin Bragg

Daniel Helmqvist, a PI in Mars’s only city, risks his career and his life to solve two high-stakes cases

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Origin Stories

Much is hinted at, and some information is sprinkled throughout the information relating to Transilience. So that if you followed the crumbs, you would either find the golden kernel of truth, a minotaur, or possibly put you right where you started your investigation - at the start.

A tangent...

I once ran a Dungeon and Dragon's campaign with two classicists, my wife and Unbound author Richard Bray. In the campaign, I constructed a labrynth and congratulated my self on my supreme act of cleverness. However, instead of it being an exercise in confusion and terror, it became an object lesson on how one should never underestimate your audience. Classicists, as you can imagine, are well-versed in stories which include mazes. They navigated the twisting, turning passages like they had GPS.

Here endeth the tangent...

Why you should support Transilience (or How I did this incredibly noble thing, recieved a great book for my efforts and my name preserved for eternity in literature)

One, supporting Transilience is supporting a completed novel. No scrambling at the last minute by me to meet a deadline. Oh! There may be fixes, here and there. Unbound's supremely talented editorial staff are on Ready 5, waiting to have a read. Nonetheless, the novel is done. It has three acts and all the literary devices one would expect in a novel. The money you pledge speeds the process along.

Two. Like all good science fiction, at the heart of Transilience there are social questions with which we struggle today. Daniel Helmqvist tackles two cases that address corporate responsibility, fear of the Other, anti-immgration, xenophobia and the growing political discourse surrounding the removal of people who aren't "us" - whatever that means. Through both cases, Transilience explores the idea of legacies. How we acquire them. And what we do with them once they are ours. 

Hatred is an acquired behaviour. We learn it from parents, siblings, family members, peers and mentors. The same goes for greed. We aren't born with a lust for money and power. We appropriate experiences and evaluate them against value systems passed on to us. Heavy stuff perhaps. But that's what happened to be on my mind when Transilience came into being.

That isn't exactly true.

And I think I've run out of things to number.

Transilience began life in a creative writing course I took nigh on four years ago. The theme of the course was detective fiction and our first assignment was to write a short story based on three images selected out of a pool of six or seven. The scene I wrote later became a critical moment for the MC in Transilience the novel. The course ended and I received an A. I knew there was more to the story about a PI on Mars investigating a warehouse, but that's all it was - an idea.

Then Anders Brevik posted a manifesto railing against immigrants and murdered nearly 80 innocent men, women, and kids who hadn't even gotten a start on life. At that moment, Transilience all fell into place. Nearly four years later, and 10 revisions, I have a story to tell and Unbound would like to publish it.

This is why I think you should support my novel. It's a good story. An important one. Pledging 10, 15, 20, 40 pounds. Whatever you can give. Whatever level appeals to you most will ensure that more people will have access to it. Others can stumble across it whilst digitally window-shopping and have an opportunity to read it.

Perhaps the lessons within will resonate with them.

Perhaps the exploits of Daniel Helmqvist will spark a discussion.

Add to the debates raging throughout Europe and the United States about how we view the Other.

A reminder that we all came from somewhere at some point in time, and that there are no justifications for exploitation. Not out of fear. not out of a higher profit margin. and not for the sake of solving a case.

Until next time!


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