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Monday, 20 June 2016

One percent

For many, this will be a repeat of a blog I posted on my site Skid Rogue Haven. However, since I do not have 100% overlap in all of my social media outlets, perhaps you can forgive the occassional repost from another site. In this instance, I feel pretty strongly about getting this out to as many readers as possible.

And with no more delays, the post...

A week ago today, my novel Transilience's funding campaign moved one percent closer to being fully funded.

If you go check it out, you'll see it's still only 12%. When I awoke on that glorious Monday, it was 11%.

Sure it isn't setting any records. Flying off the shelves. Hardly much to get excited about.

But, here's the thing about 1%. Connotation and context mean everything.

If you're in the one percent, you're probably feeling pretty good about yourself. Such a small number carries a lot of weight.

One percent of a billion dollars is still quite a bit.

One percent milk is a great drink option if you're trying to cut calories.


One percent on a test, and there is much to embarrassed about.

One percent of a 100 bucks might get you something at a fast food joint but rich you are not.

One percent of 100 percent isn't much either.

However, for a guy who has watched his funding campaign stagnant for about four weeks, the simple task of a number changing from 11 to 12 means more than I can express.

That number.

That one percent.

It is a sign that my campaign is not trapped in the doldrums. There are people out in the world who want to read my novel.

It represents hope.

And hope can be more valuable than a vault full of money, or all the crap you can buy with that vault full of money, or even a healthy drink option.

It lifts spirits.

It makes the day feel a little more brighter.

It makes you (or me anyway) want to write a blog and send it into the unknown for any, and all to read.

If you want to support my novel, follow this link:

You have an opportunity to help make something happen and your act of generosity remembered forever. You also have an opportunity to win free art.



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