By Kevin Bragg

Daniel Helmqvist, a PI in Mars’s only city, risks his career and his life to solve two high-stakes cases

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Double Feature Night

Transilience has several funding options that I am very excited about. 

One of them is the Double Feature Night.

A night spent watching classic noir and sipping classic drinks.

Your Gin Rickey's

Your Plain Ol' Rickey's

Your Sidecars.

Your Manhattans.

Your gimlets.

You get the picture.

For the fillms, one will be The Maltese Falcon. The other, I'm not sure. Possibly Bogart's The Big Sleep, but I might choose Sunset Blvd. or Double Indemnity.

The reason behind a Double Feature Night is born from a love of old films, film studies as a hobby, and the role they played in the creation of Transilience.

Once I had an idea of what I wanted to write and a style/genre in which to write my story, I thought it best to research Noir and Hard-Boiled Detective. I like how I use research to make it sound so serious. To legitimize a period spent watching old movies and reading a cross-section of detective novels from Chandler and Hammett up to Ken Bruen and Michael Connolly. Nevertheless, that is what I did.

I watched The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, In a Lonely Place, The Third Man, A Touch of Evil, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and others. 

They provided me with models for characterization. Themes. Patterns that establish tone. Create tension. Develop a tragic hero. Noir provides a level of authenticity in the narrative that does not smack of plot device.

In The Maltese Falcon, Spade and Archer take the Wonderly case not because they believe the story she's selling but because it paid well. That's something I can get behind. 

Helmqvist takes the Rennick case because she agrees to pay him for two weeks of his time. Nothing coy. No truths withheld by the client which will come back to bite Helm later in the novel. It's a business transaction. A means to keeping the lights on in his office.

Now, what happens after that...well that's plot. 

A chance to watch these old films with a group of supporters would be pretty awesome. A chance to discuss the films and why they are incredible achievements in cinematic history. A chance to have a little fun. Maybe dress up and feel like Bogart, or Becall or Stewart, Swanson with a highball glass in hand.

Put in this context, the price for admission seems like a pittance.

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