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Daniel Helmqvist, a PI in Mars’s only city, risks his career and his life to solve two high-stakes cases

Thursday, 21 April 2016

An evening of board games

As with Double Feature Night, I thought I might offer some more information about the Tabletop Evening funding level.

I earnestly believe that dismissing a night of boardgames simply on price alone would be a mistake.

A huge mistake.

Possibly even a grave error.

At the very least, you aren't spending 150 quid just to play games. You receive a copy of my novel and your name in the front with an elite crowd of Super Patrons.

But more than that, Tabletop Evening is a chance to forge new friendships, hopefully have a few laughs, and most importantly have fun.

I included this funding options because I love board games. I love playing them. I enjoy watching videos about them. And I love the social component that comes with evening spent around the kitchen table.

When I lived in Scotland, a couple of friends would come over most Fridays. We would (usually) order pizza, watch an episode or two of Senfield, and then play games. It was how I became introduced to Euro-style boardgames and a world far greater than Milton Bradley and Hasbro. We played Settlers of Cataan and many of its expansions. Puerto Rico. Carcasonne. San Juan. Card Games. We were always on the lookout for something new to try.

Tabletop Evening is a chance for me to share in an activity I am quite fond of and to do so with some very generous souls who have helped make Transilience a reality.

At the moment, the games I have selected for the evening are Fantasy Flight's area control game, Mission: Red Planet, and Level 99's cat-and-mouse deduction card game, Noir. Both of these games have a Transilience vibe that seems appropriate. I would like to add, potentially, one more, but I haven't been able to decide on what. There's about half-a-dozen Mars themed games coming out this year. Maybe try one of those.

If you love board games, too, and want a chance to hang out in London, give serious thought to the Tabletop Evening funding level. It will be fun. It will be memorable. And can you really put a price tag on that?


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