By Kevin Bragg

Daniel Helmqvist, a PI in Mars’s only city, risks his career and his life to solve two high-stakes cases

Fiction | Sci-fi & Fantasy
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Daniel Helmqvist is a private investigator in New London, the only city on Mars. He’s good at what he does, but people aren’t exactly lining up to hire his services. When two big cases land in his lap at once, he makes the mistake of believing his fortunes are about to change.

As the two cases unfold, he quickly discovers that success comes at a hefty cost and unseen forces conspire against him at every turn. What began as a chance to earn some easy money becomes a series of lies, cat-and-mouse games, and a chase that leads him out on to the surface of Mars itself.


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  • Kevin Bragg avatar

    Kevin Bragg

    Kevin Bragg is a native of Detroit, who met a girl in Scotland, and now resides in the arboreal splendor of the Swedish hinterlands. He has been a great many things in his life; none of which related to his academic pursuit of the Visigoths. In Kevin’s free time, he enjoys cooking, brewing beer, playing video games and standing in the garden pretending to be helpful. Transilience is his debut novel.

  • New London, Mars.

    The 3rd Street Lounge is a swanky bar in the city’s hellhole, the Industrial/Manufacturing District. The owner, Curtis, transformed an abandoned cube of a building into a classy gin joint with a stage for swinging bands, a dance floor for the uninhibited, an island bar in the center of the room for the thirsty, small tables near the stage for the enthusiastic, and cozy booths along the wall for the intimate. Wood and Art Deco comprise the majority of the decor. Why Curt chose the IM, how he paid for the place, or the renovations are beyond me. I’ve never asked and I don’t care.

    Anywhere else in New London, the 3rd Street Lounge would be packed every weekday night and have a line around the block on weekends. Anywhere else in this city, bands would be begging to get a gig. Instead, the stage has never seen a live act and the only people lining up are the factory workers who go the bar instead of home at the end of their shifts.

    I had my usual booth along the wall near the dance floor, and was kept company by the remnants of a gin and tonic. Baseball highlights streamed on my PLEX12. If I hadn’t been so oblivious to the world around me, I’d have seen her walk in, looking about as out of place in this joint as a herd of elephants on the Elysium Planitia.

  • Kevin Bragg has written 20 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    26th July 2016 Here be dragons

    I'll begin with a very hearty THANK YOU to Ali Burns and Barry Flaga for supporting Transilience. I am honored by your generosity.

    Transilience has officially moved into uncharted territory for me. I've spent the last four years, writing, editing, re-editing, re-editing again and again, and submitting samples for either publication consideration or representation. Now, at long last, the professionals…

    27th June 2016 Themes

    I am covering some common ground here, again, but I feel pretty strongly about my views on the matter. It can't hurt to include this in as many social media outlets as I have access to. Now, onwards...

    As of today, my novel, Transilience, has only 4 weeks left in its funding campaign. I need a lot of help to make this a reality. So please help. Order a copy today.

    Something happened on Friday…

    20th June 2016 One percent

    For many, this will be a repeat of a blog I posted on my site Skid Rogue Haven. However, since I do not have 100% overlap in all of my social media outlets, perhaps you can forgive the occassional repost from another site. In this instance, I feel pretty strongly about getting this out to as many readers as possible.

    And with no more delays, the post...

    A week ago today, my novel Transilience…

    13th June 2016 Why I write.

    I wrote a piece on my blog site about why I write and I thought you all might like to read it.

    Here's the link:

    If you have a read, thank you. If you have a read, then come back here and order a copy of Transilience, THANK YOU!!!


    27th May 2016 Detroit Launch Party

    We have just added a Launch Party for Transilience in Detroit. It's gonna be awesome so reserve your ticket today! You also get the eBook and listed amongst the Super Patrons.

    In my excitement, I made a video. Enjoy.


    24th May 2016 Stick Helm The Dame

    I've posted another Stick Helm video, titled The Dame. Not unlike the title of this Shed entry. 

    I've had a lot of fun making them and, while they are not accurate reconstructions of events found within the pages of Transilience, they capture the essence of certain scenes.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    12th May 2016 Original Artwork Could Be Yours!


    In the not-so-distant past, I announced I would be giving away an original painting.

    This is it....

    The figure was still wet and the lighting not great when I took the picture, but I’m pretty happy with how the painting turned out.

    How do I get this sweet piece of art? You might be asking.

    Order your eCopy of Transilience from this here site and then tell your friends, family…

    9th May 2016 More Giveaways


    I paint.

    I'll resist the urge to qualify my ability on a scale of good to bad. I like what I paint. Others have said nice things about my paintings and I'll leave it at that.

    Lately I've been working with greyscale silhouettes in acrylic with one other colour to focus the piece. This is the first piece I did in this style...

    My plan is to give some paintings away based on the…

    1st May 2016 A Giveaway!

    Hello everyone!

    My book, Transilience, has reached 10% funding on Unbound and I am happy for that. However, I'd like to pick up the pace and to do so I am raffling off a signed (by me with one of those fancy gold marker pen doodads) copy of Level 99's awesome deduction card game, Noir, to one lucky supporter when the Funding Level reaches 25%!

    Head over to my book's site. Pledge today. Support…

    28th April 2016 Let's All Go to Detroit

    The big money item on Transilience's funding campaign is the Trip to Detroit.

    You probably already know this.

    You probably wonder why anyone would want to pay two-and-a-half grand for a trip to a city with a bad reputation. A city ranked as one of the most violent cities in America. A city that has been mired in political corruption, scandal and mismanagagement for at least five decades. A city…

    25th April 2016 The great thing about art

    I'll begin this post with a very hearty THANK YOU to Jeremy Thomas and Johari Ismail for supporting Transilience. I am grateful for the support.

    On my on-going posts about the different funding levels available for Transilience, I thought I would write about the Limited Edition Artwork and what a great value it is!

    For only 20 (or 25 pounds if you've snagged an Early Bird Special) more, you…

    22nd April 2016 Week One

    The funding campaign for Transilience is a week old today.

    Balloons and cake too soon?

    Balloons and cake are always a good idea.

    And since you can never say Thank You enough..

    Rich Bray, Thank You.

    Steve Davies, Thank You.

    Gareth Fernie, Thank You.

    Chris Huang, Thank You.

    David Tubby, Thank you.

    By the very defintion, this is a collaborative project and a chance to be a…

    21st April 2016 An evening of board games

    As with Double Feature Night, I thought I might offer some more information about the Tabletop Evening funding level.

    I earnestly believe that dismissing a night of boardgames simply on price alone would be a mistake.

    A huge mistake.

    Possibly even a grave error.

    At the very least, you aren't spending 150 quid just to play games. You receive a copy of my novel and your name in the front…

    20th April 2016 Double Feature Night

    Transilience has several funding options that I am very excited about. 

    One of them is the Double Feature Night.

    A night spent watching classic noir and sipping classic drinks.

    Your Gin Rickey's

    Your Plain Ol' Rickey's

    Your Sidecars.

    Your Manhattans.

    Your gimlets.

    You get the picture.

    For the fillms, one will be The Maltese Falcon. The other, I'm not sure. Possibly Bogart…

    19th April 2016 Origin Stories

    Much is hinted at, and some information is sprinkled throughout the information relating to Transilience. So that if you followed the crumbs, you would either find the golden kernel of truth, a minotaur, or possibly put you right where you started your investigation - at the start.

    A tangent...

    I once ran a Dungeon and Dragon's campaign with two classicists, my wife and Unbound author Richard…

    18th April 2016 Feels like home

    As someone who has worked hard (and by hard, I mean with the work ethic of a railcar bum) to cultivate a "hobo presence" on the Internet.

    Skid Rogue Haven, my blog. Skid Rogue is a 30s/40s era term for a bum who can't be trusted.

    Bindle Pole Diaries, my tumblr account. Imagine the classic cartoon image of a hobo carrying all his worldly posseses in a sack tied to the end of a stick. That's a…

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