Trans Britain: Our Long Journey from the Shadows

By Edited by Christine Burns

A comprehensive account of the landmark events which shaped the transgender community over the last five decades, told through a series of essays by real experts who were there and can describe the knock-on effects today

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Welcome To My Shed (No Wellies Required)

Hello and welcome to my shed!

… Well, my figurative shed anyway.

Some people actually write in sheds. It gets them away from the distractions at home — whether from the family, delivery drivers, or daytime TV and social media.

My shed is for gardening. It’s got a fancy electric leaf blower and a hedge trimmer which frankly terrifies me every time I have to get it out. If I get through this project this summer without accidentally cutting off a limb it will be a miracle. (Unbound, are you insured for my gardening mishaps?)

No… My writing place is in the third bedroom of my house here in South Manchester. I’ve got a nice big desk. Plenty of space for paper research and notes alongside. And my much-loved MacBook has pride of place in the middle.

Anyone who has followed me on Facebook will know I chat a lot — whether it’s about the pre-development of this book over the last three months, or what tickles my fancy. You can find me there quite easily.

But I want this shed space to offer a little bit more in return for the support you’ve given with your pledge. So, I’ll be talking about the process of conceiving and planning the book; how I picked the contributors; and the challenges of inspiring and encouraging 25 of them to pour their best efforts into this enterprise. I also hope to share some goodies — the occasional snippet from a draft chapter or maybe even a chapter from one of my published books.

It’s going to be fun! Having you here will be the constant reminder that we are working to make something really special for an audience that obviously cares.

See you soon!


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