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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I hope everyone had a lovely Bank holiday weekend.


Right, few things to tell you about concerning pledge rewards.

If you opted for the personalised doodle option you should have recieved an email asking you to name an animal. I'll use that animal (or beast or whatever) in the doodle. 

If you havent recived that email please check your junk folders and if still no luck please get in contact with me or unbound and we'll rectify. 


We'll be in contact soon to get info about these ones.

Avatar pledge: If you chose the avatar option please start thinking about what you'd like. I can do a straight up portrait (bit like my twitter avi) or something completely different. Maybe a pet, animal or an object.

Extra doodles: a bit like above we'll be asking for a couple of prompts so that I can add some personalisation to the doodles.


Once again, thank you to eveyone who pledged and when I have launch dates I'll be back here to tell you about it.


All the best,

Ben x

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Trev McCabe
Trev McCabe says:

Not sure whether I replied or not. But if not a lion, please.

August 30, 2016

Tim Saxton
Tim Saxton says:

I'm pretty sure that I did respond, but had some IT issues (mine rather than yours I'm sure).
To conclude - could I have a dog, and preferably a beagle, please?
Fantastic - many thanks

August 30, 2016

Jo Sunley
Jo Sunley says:

Hey Ben! I am sure I pledged for the doodle reward but can't find any email :(

Would you mind checking for me please?

If I did - I would love to challenge you to a doodle 'okapi' please! :)

Thanks - Jo

August 30, 2016

Rick Mather
Rick Mather says:


A dog please. Cocker Spaniel.

August 30, 2016

Caitlin Harvey
Caitlin Harvey says:

Hi everyone!

If you supported the book at the original doodle level, please add you desired animal to the form here so Ben knows what to draw in your copy: Any entries which aren't in this list might be missed, so please do make sure you add yours.

(If you need to, you can check which level you supported the book at in your account here:

Many thanks!

Caitlin - Community Manager

August 30, 2016

Caroline hill
Caroline hill says:

hello. I didn't get an email and I'm pretty sure I should have :(

September 01, 2016

Curly_Haired_Vixen Curly_Haired_Vixen
Curly_Haired_Vixen Curly_Haired_Vixen says:

Checked all my email folders and no email received. Can I have an elephant please?

September 06, 2016

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