By Ben Cameron

A collection of the 101 saddest doodles in the world

Pledge Level FAQ

What does ‘Doodled Edition’ actually mean?

I will draw you a personal doodle at the front of the book by my signature. It could be random or if you prefer, personalised. We will be in contact with pledgers after we hit target to gather details.


Avatar, how does that work?

I will create by hand and then digitally a picture that you can use as your social media profile picture. It’ll be completely bespoke and approved by you before finalising.


What does Original Doodle mean?

I’m drawing every doodle for the book from scratch so that means there will be 101 originals sitting there after being scanned needing a home.


Penguin centrefold? Can you give me more before I lay down one hundred big ones?

I want to but I also don’t want to give away too many of the designs. I would rather them be a surprise when you open the book. But I’m planning a bigger, more detailed illustration for the centrefold. It’s got penguins in it and I absolutely love it. If you like them funny waddling birds and sadness, you’ll love it too.


So what will happen at the ‘Drinks and doodles’?

We’ll get comfy in a pub and have some drinks and chat and we’ll sit there and draw some silly and sad and funny things. I’ll doodle your requests and you’ll draw mine. It’ll be fun and you’ll find out how easy it is to get a message across simply and then I’ll be out of a job so wait, what? Drinks, its about the drinks.


Extra doodles? 16 pages?!

Yes, before the book gets posted to you I will fill those pages with more doodles. Random or personalised or a mixture of both. You’ll have 16 extra pages that no one else has!


So me or my pet can appear in the book you say?

Yes! I will take your likeness and make you or your pet a character within a doodle. And then you’ll get the original of that doodle too!


How does the weekly and monthly doodles work, what exactly would I get?

You’ll receive every week or month a mounted doodle. They may vary in size, some may be painted. We can even discuss some bespoke options. You’ll have the excitement (or maybe slight concern…) of a brand new piece of artwork popping through your door.


I’m the person who would love a mural, what exactly would you put on my wall?

Pretty much whatever you want. I could dedicate the whole space to one of my doodles, or several maybe. Or something not tragidoodle related like some colourful painted dinosaurs or bees and flowers. We would discuss and draft in depth before I come and make the most of my time and leave you with the best looking wall ever.

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