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A collection of the 101 saddest doodles in the world

Ben Cameron's cartoons have been hailed as 'the most upsetting doodles in the world' by the The Mirror and he has been described as 'an artist with a knack for pulling on the internet’s heartstrings' by BuzzFeed. His illustrations have gone viral and been shared across the world. Tragidoodles contains Ben's most popular, heart-breaking and bittersweet cartoons along with a whole host of material never seen before. They will make you smile, they'll make you cry, they'll make you want a hug, or perhaps they'll make you utter an evil laugh.

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I am an artist living and working on Rochester High Street. My work ranges from doodles to large scale, highly detailed illustrations.

I describe my work as simple yet emotive. My doodles started as a way to remain creative while working a soul-destroying job in retail. I would keep scraps of paper in my pocket and draw doodles to show colleagues. Rude, funny, cheeky, maybe even mildly offensive. Anything to get a reaction. It’s an instant gratification.

Being able to make someone laugh, coo or cry from a few drawn lines or words is amazingly addictive. Also, I use animals or inanimate objects in place of humans. I feel it takes the edge off slightly and for some reason, slightly more relatable.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I hope everyone had a lovely Bank holiday weekend.


Right, few things to tell you about concerning pledge rewards.

If you opted for the personalised doodle option you should have recieved an email asking you to name an animal. I'll use that animal (or beast or whatever) in the doodle. 

If you havent recived that email please check your junk folders and if still no luck please…

Celine Newman
Celine Newman asked:

How are you?

I've just pledged for a 'Collectable' for my daughter (Emma) for her birthday in July. Just wondering is there something I can print out to put in her card to show her the gift! Also, any idea when the book might be winging its way to her here in Dublin.

Many thanks,

Celine Newman
btw - love the pledges that you have on offer and wish I could pledge to them all! Best of luck with your work.

Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron replied:

Hi Celine,

Maybe you could print out a screen shot of one of the above doodles with a 'you'll receive the book in October' message?

If you contact me on Twitter I might be able to sort you out a postcard with a message too if you like.

And thank you for the kind words x

Matthew Deloughry
Matthew Deloughry asked:

Hi just received the book and LOVE IT by the way!

I ordered the Avatar level, just wondering when we can get access to the ebook and also when we are looking to get the avatars?

Again love the work! though not had the chance to look at it much! It keeps disappearing around the office!


Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron replied:


You should've recieved an email asking for details for the avatar and I hope to have those done by the end of November.

Unfortunately I don't know when the ebook will be ready. I do know it's been a little bit tricky to format.


Simon Field
Simon Field asked:

Hi Ben, I ordered a hardback version which was sent out for delivery last week but I didn't not receive notification from UK mail. It has now been sent back to sender annoyingly. Please could you let me know how I go about getting it redelivered? Apologies for the inconvenience, can't wait to receive the book. Thanks, Simon

Unbound replied:

Sorry to hear that, Simon. Please can you get in touch via to confirm your address and we'll get another copy sent out to you.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Lauren Cascio
Lauren Cascio asked:

Hi Ben,
Love your work! I was hoping to order a book, print, or original but it seems only e-access is available. Is there any way I can purchase tangible product?!?


Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron replied:

Hi, can you pop me an over an email to and I can either give you a hunch of links or sort out something directly.


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