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Simple and practical life skills to boost well-being, personal resilience and exam performance for pupils, parents, and teachers

Simple and practical life skills to boost well-being, personal resilience and exam performance

... for pupils, parents, and teachers.

New insights from neuroscience show that the teenage years are the most challenging for us all. Uniquely, this book will introduce readers to the knowledge, skills and habits that underpin the Tougher Minds programme - proven to help young people flourish at school and beyond. It will show pupils, their parents and teachers simple and practical strategies to boost their personal resilience and the resilience of others, making it easier to build better health, happiness and performance habits.

The authors of H.A.C. School Success, Dr Jon Finn and Professor Jim McKenna, are specialists in performance psychology and in the science of neural networks that lies behind it. Using their knowledge from sport psychology and behaviour change management, they developed the award-winning Tougher Minds education programme. This training has helped thousands of school pupils and their families to be resilient and flourish against the backdrop of challenges created by 21st century life.

Ultimately these approaches help families to be healthier and happier, whilst allowing pupils to fulfil their academic potential - typically gaining half-a-grade per subject at GCSE more than pupils who do not undertake the training. The same young people are also deploying Tougher Minds skills to maximise their broader potential in life.

Although there may be plenty of important dos and don’ts to fill this book, the essence can be reduced down to one fundamental virtue. That is Resilience. Or, the the ability to keep taking the small but powerful steps towards a desired goal that remains far in the distance, while staying healthy and happy and dealing with the inevitable setbacks that come along the way.

In modern society, everyone rightly desires health, happiness and success, yet humans, and particularly teenagers, find these things difficult to achieve.

By using real-life examples from those who find it most difficult to be resilient – i.e. teenagers – and the latest insights from neuroscience, this book will show school pupils, their families and teachers how to change their own lives and the lives of others through resilience.

This book is based on the award-winning Tougher Minds Personal Change Management programme, which was developed to help school pupils, their families and teachers with a range of challenges. It has been written for:

● Parents and families to help their children and themselves to be more resilient.

● Teachers who want to extend their current ability to support pupils.

● Teachers who feel they need to be more resilient.

● Pupils to flourish at primary/prep school.

● Pupils sitting 11 Plus and entrance exams.

● Pupils getting ready for their secondary school transition.

● Pupils in their secondary school transition.

● Pupils struggling to keep motivated, and who are not fulfilling their potential.

● Pupils who are stressed and not enjoying school.

● Pupils sitting GCSE and A Level exams.

● Pupils getting ready for their transition to university, college or the workplace.

● Families who want to help their children to develop transferable life skills.

Dr. Jon Finn is the founder and Managing Director of Tougher Minds. He has proven expertise in developing high-performing people and is recognised by his peers for his success in this area. He created the Tougher Minds consultancy, which uses the latest understanding from neuroscience, to work with business, schools, universities and sport. Based on his PhD work, Jon has developed Tougher Minds programmes to help individuals and teams to build better health, happiness and performance habits.

Tougher Minds has accumulated many accolades in recent years, including the Independent School Association’s education initiative of the year award. The consultancy has also advised the Department of Education, and think-tank DEMOS on developing resilience in young people. It is often featured in national newspapers including The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph, because of the innovative nature and impact of its work.

Via his background in sports psychology, Jon has worked with clients including the Professional Golfers’ Association and the England Rugby League team. He has also published both peer-reviewed papers and popular books within the area of performance psychology.

You can find out more about Jon's work at the following web-site:

Professor Jim McKenna is Professor of Physical Activity and Health at Leeds Metropolitan University and is recognised as an expert in behaviour change.

He has worked with Jon Finn to develop the Tougher Minds consultancy, using his extensive experience to give input into the training programmes and related activities.

Jim has over 25 years in Higher Education during which he has worked in roles focussed on sports delivery, coach education, academic teaching and research leadership. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in a variety of areas. His current work relates to delivering funded research projects and supporting both Ph.D. students and academic staff to achieve their aspirations. Jim is in demand as a speaker and is recognised for his ability to make scientific issues accessible to all. He has won many awards for teaching and research excellence and has also coached at elite level in sport, working at both Gloucester and Bristol rugby union clubs.

What pupils, parents and teachers say about the Tougher Minds programme

“Tougher Minds empowers children to take charge of their own lives.”Headteacher

“I started Tougher Minds when I was in Year 11, now I'm in medical school, which is really hard to get into. I think it's helped me get good grades and a set great foundation for my work ethic for medical school. I feel it would have been a lot harder without Tougher Minds.”
Medical student

“It has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend it to all new Year 7s”Year 7 pupil

“The concepts, the processes and the techniques were very practical for my wife and I. It was applied knowledge with real things that actually made a difference.”
Parent of Year 11 and Year 8 pupils

“It taught me it’s not just about how much knowledge you have, it’s also about the positive mindset, confidence and positive thinking. It taught me about building up to my end goal.”
Year 12 pupil

“I would like to thank Tougher Minds for their guidance. I think every child should be given the opportunity to learn the Tougher Minds techniques.”
Parent of a Year 7 pupil

“Without Tougher Minds I do not think that I would have achieved the grades I did.”Year 11 pupil

“I'd recommend Tougher Minds to anyone. Learning that you can tackle something with small steps, which motivate you, helps you to achieve things you thought you never could.”
Sixth Form pupil

“My grades have improved and I know for a fact they’re increasing. Since I started it, it’s made me more organised and more consistent with my work.”
Year 11 pupil

“Tougher Minds is tangible for pupils. It has legitimised hard work. The thing is a self-perpetuating force for good.”Parent of Year 11 , Year 9 and Year 7 pupils

Improve your children's sleep - The Tougher Minds podcast

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

In this Tougher Minds podcast we discuss a recent BBC Panorama programme Sleepless Britain. It highlighted the very serious consequences of sleep deprivation for many UK families. 

Tougher Minds founder and managing director Dr. Jon Finn explains more and discusses how Tougher Minds is working to help people of all ages tackle this critical issue and improve their sleep habits.

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Beat your A.P.E. Brain to improve health and well-being

Monday, 27 March 2017

In this NEW video we show how young people’s health and well-being is the foundation for their optimal performance at school and in exams.

This is a follow-up to the insight shown in our first post and is another element of our award-winning programmes for education and life. The Tougher Minds Guide for School Success for pupils, parents and teachers will give a detailed explanation of how this…

Beat the A.P.E. Brain for school success.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Watch this video to understand a key Tougher Minds concept that underpins our award-winning programmes for education and life. The Tougher Minds Guide for School Success for pupils, parents and teachers will give a detailed explanation of how this understanding can be used to boost well-being, personal resilience and exam performance. 

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