To Be Someone

By Ian Stone

Monday, 4 December 2017


Hello everyone. This is my first update. I figured that as I’ve just hit my target, I should thank the people who have pledged their support. I know you know this but this book only gets written because of you. It’s very much appreciated.
For the people still wondering whether to pledge or not, I know I would say this but now is as good a time as any.
As for what happens from here, I’m about halfway through the first draft. For the next few months, you will see or hear very little from me except for
1. when i’m doing live comedy shows
2. tweeting angrily about Question Time or
3. tweeting angrily about Arsenal’s defending.
Please feel free to come and say hello at live gigs or on Twitter although try and refrain from asking me “where’s my book?” While it might be tremendously funny for you, I may well have heard it before so it won’t be quite so amusing for me.
Other than that, I shall be listening to The Jam and thinking about traumatic (but now funny) events in my life and writing about them. I’ll keep you posted

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