Time's Fool update

Monday, 26 March 2018

The manuscript to Time's Fool was submitted to Unbound editors on Thursday evening at around 10:30pm. They now have the dubious joy of looking through the 300 odd doublespaced pages, pointing out any darlings that have survived the redrafting process, and handing me the requisite bolt-gun.

The act of handing off your precious book-baby to people whose job it is to find all the flaws, foul-ups, and mauve prose is rather daunting for a writer, and I admit to being something of a nervous wreck since hitting "send". However I know the Unbound editors are as committed as I am to making this book the very best it can be, so I have locked my inner prima dona in her cage and she'll be staying there until the final edits are completed.

Jokes aside, I'm actually really looking forward to this. Editing always was my favourite bit of writing.

Once again, thank you all for supporting Time's Fool - and I will keep you posted as we have more news!

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