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Monday, 19 February 2018

Wow! 89%! Time's Fool now has officially less than £500 to raise and is only a couple of pledges away from 90% funded.

To celebrate, I'm giving away a couple of these:

Yes - that is an official, Barchester University degree certificate for the class of 2007 - Sophia, Steven and Lucy's year. They are in useful, employable subjects such as Bsc Cryptozoology, Bsc Psychogeography, BA Retrocognition, and - from the school of Literature - a BA in the Study of Occult Texts.

This is just a mock up - the real thing will be printed on heavy, cream card, signed, sealed and stamped - and made out in either your name, or the name of a character of your choice.

I am currently contacting the winners and letting them pick their degree subject, and will update again when they are done.

Alternatively - if you want to be part of the Class of '07 but weren't lucky enough to win - you can do so directly from me. I'm best contacted on my Facebook page, @alysdragon on Twitter, or agent.astrea(at)gmail.com

They cost £10, plus large letter postage to whereever you are in the world, and all proceeds will go towards helping Time's Fool reach its target. With your permission, I will add your names to a list of Barchester University alumni for the Class of '07 which I will post online with the publication of Time's Fool.

Finally, to those of you who enjoyed Some Chequered Affection, or would have enjoyed it, but dislike reading on a screen - watch this space. Some exciting news is coming soon.

Thank you all for your support!

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