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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A minor change of plan on the Time’s Fool front, I’m afraid.

Rather than the hardback version we were initially aiming for, Unbound and I have decided to reduce the funding goal, and release Time’s Fool as a paperback instead.

While I would have loved to be able to bring this crowd-funder to completion at its original target, life has had other plans this past year which means everything has taken far longer than we had hoped. By scaling back our plans a bit, we can get this awesome little novel in to your hands - and the shops - a lot sooner.

As you may have noticed, with this change, there has been a major jump in how far along the progress has come. What this means  is, with your enthusiasm and support, we can make this the kind of dash to the finish line that can be enjoyed even by those of us who spent Sports Days at school hiding with a book.

However, the most important question here is:

What difference does this make to you?

To ebook subscribers? None at all -  except that your copy will be with you sooner.

To those that have pre-ordered the hardback? You will receive a paperback copy instead. Your names will still be in the back of all editions of the book, and if you wish, you can be refunded the difference in cost. However, the more people who decide not to take that refund, the faster the book will be funded, and the sooner it will be with you.

And those of you who haven’t supported Time’s Fool yet? Well, it can now be pre-ordered in paperback!

Obviously, the fate of Time’s Fool is still entirely in your hands. Thank you for believing in it.


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