Time's Fool

By Alys Earl

A novel for M R James fans who sometimes want something a little more modern and edgy from their weird fiction

Monday, 10 September 2018

It's getting close to midnight...

...and on Midnight, Thursday 13th September, the supporter list for Time's Fool will close. If you want to get your name listed in the back then you need to make your pledge before then. If you've manage to mispell your name on your account, then you need to change it before then, because after 00:00 GMT 13/09/18 it will not be possible any longer.

And because my student protagonists would have you believe that stuff done at the last minute usually produces the best results, anyone pledging between now and the deadline will get one of my hand-drawn postcards to keep or send as they see fit.

(Yes, since you ask, I was listening to Bring Your Daugther to the Slaughter the whole I've been typing this - and now it's in your head too. I'd have come up with a better reference if they could have organised a FRIDAY 13th cut off.)

Thank you for reading!

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