Time's Fool

By Alys Earl

A novel for M R James fans who sometimes want something a little more modern and edgy from their weird fiction

Friday, 13 July 2018

It's done.

This afternoon, I made the last changes to the Time's Fool proofs before sending them back for final corrections and formatting. I'd been through every word in it, checking that not only was it spelled correctly, but that it was the right word and in the right place in the sentence.

I will not be touching the manuscript again until there's a copy of it in my hands.

There's a still fair bit of stuff to do before that will happen, but if you look to the right of your screen (or scroll up, if you're on mobile) you will see that we have a release season and everything. However, from my perspective, the work is done. It's been drafted, redrafted, edited and now the proof-readers have done their thing (turns out that I can't punctuate, but fortunately they could), and now it's just down to the clever people at Unbound to turn it in to a proper book for everyone.

Obviously, I'll still be hanging about here, posting about vampires and sharing cover designs and competitions, but for the moment, I can say it's done.

Right. I need a drink.

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