Her Red Eyes Again, art giveaway update:

Monday, 22 January 2018

So, this is one of the pictures I will be giving away when Time's Fool reaches 85% funding - which is really close now. It is A3, in ink, watercolour and maybe some other bits because I like mixing my media.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning this, all you need to be is a supporter of Time's Fool. The other piece of art will be done when we reach 84% funding (from which we are a hair away) and the winner from that will be draw from those who have pledged for the Read With a Friend option, or have purusaded a friend to pledge (and let me know.)

The quotation is from Sheriden le Fanu's Carmilla and I use it as the epigraph for Time's Fool. Carmilla was probably the first truly Gothic vampire story I ever read, and its ambiguous, passionate villain has always stayed with me. I know the red eyes and ruined castles are really a bit more of a Dracula thing, but I thought we could probably carry it over.

Anyway, thank you for supporting, and for reading!

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