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A novel for M R James fans who sometimes want something a little more modern and edgy from their weird fiction

Friday, 24 June 2016


As you may have noticed, there is a new pledge available on the project page:

Cake or death

Yes, that is a cake. When I'm not being a badass goth, a hobby of mine is making occasion cakes in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes and designs. If you want a cake that will be utterly unique and eye-catching at a special event, then you can receive one if you pledge to Time's Fool.

I use professional colours and either butter or fondant icing to make something truly unique. What I love best about this is not merely producing something striking and different, but the aspect of challenge it presents - working out which tin, tools, and methods I'm going to use to get the very best result.

The above was produced to the specification of "A dragon cake!"

... Okay, what colour?


... I bring it on myself, really.

It took me a couple of days to work out that this one was a butter icing job and getting the right colours and the molding paste (all edible). The shape was cut from a basic 7" cake tin, sculpting the head and feet from excess cut from the circle, and it was stuck together with icing. As I worked, I blended the different colours of icing in to each other so it didn't have a 'segmented' look. After that it was just a case of decorating, and sprinkling with edible glitter.

Below is a twist on the classic doll-in-cake type:

This one in response to the request of "Elsa from Frozen!" I had great fun trying to get the panelled look on the dress - this picture was taken before I cleaned the board off, put on her cloak, and attached the 'Happy Birthday' sign. (Foolishly, I did not take one afterwards.)

I tend to use a basic sponge base as you need a relatively good integrity to be able to cut the shapes - although I can do this in flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, orange, etc. For the same reason, I don't really make gluten free or vegan cakes, simply because I'm not au fait enough with the subsitutes to guarantee a good result. Other than that, though, if you pick that reward level, I will discuss what you want in reference to sizing, design, colours, etc.

An incomplete list of things I have done in the past includes: owls, trains, a TARDIS, books, Dracula's coffin, flowers, tractors. I have more than once painted a seascape or sunset on to fondant icing, and once covered an entire cake with hand-made crystallised rose petals.

As I say, I like a challenge.

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